I won’t be completely wrong, if I say that we all are leading a tiresome life. Day in and day out we struggle, work hard and overcome all the obstacles to make ends meet. In this race we eventually forget that even as adults, we need some time for ourselves. So in this “Me” time what does most of us do? We watch TV, hangout with friends over a coffee, we socialize and meet relatives, spend time visiting a mall, shopping or watch movies. We basically do everything that creates a huge hole in our pockets, isn’t it? But have you ever reminisced about your childhood days, days when you would keep yourself busy playing games or in some outdoor activity? Simply thinking of those days make us wish to become a child again !!

After reminiscing about playing cricket on a huge neighboring ground with your group of friends or playing football on a rainy afternoon, you must be wondering about how to reclaim your childhood back. So, here I am going to tell you about this amazing app called as Sportsjig which can be downloaded both on your Android as well as Apple device. 

Basically, Sportsjig is an app which allows you to enjoy the sporting activity which you have craved for or missed in all the years of growing up. So the app allows you to locate your favourite space around your area of living and find a sporting event happening. Also, the app allows you to create your own space for the sporting activity, create a sports event, invite your friends and get on to play that game you had ever wished to and rekindle the love for sports within you.

Moreover, Sportsjig also has their own sporting carnival with offers for the sports lovers and enthusiast to join the carnival, indulge in some high octane sporting activity, meanwhile better your health and invite your friends while building new friends over a game of your favourite sport. Sportsjig keeps you updated on what’s happening in sports too. Apart from this, the app also gives you visibility, in terms of allowing you to manage your space and analyze it.

Currently, Sportsjig is coming up with Sports Carnival (Winter 2015) at Mumbai, Bandra on 6th of December. Simply imagine playing your favourite sport along with plenty of other sport lovers and winning prizes!! Isn’t it something worth eyeing for? You can register for the carnival through the app as well as there is a facility of on-line and spot registration. The fee for this carnival is affordable for majority of us and it shouldn’t be the reason for giving this carnival a miss. 

So simply download the Sportsjig app and reclaim not only your space but also your childhood!!