After attending the Pampers Premium Care Pants Product Launch, as a mother, it was quite obvious to get a feel of these newly launched diapers and see the difference when compared to others. I had always thought that most of the diapers are usually the same. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I first felt the Pampers Premium Care Pants in my hands. It is as soft as a feather, both on the insides and the outsides. 

To confess, I am not a type of mother who frets about the brand of the diaper. But, after having seen the quality of the Pampers Premium Care Pants, I have now made my mind to use the same henceforth. The reasons to my becoming a brand loyal henceforth are:
1) The Material – What I have noticed in my short duration as a mother, most of the diapers that are available in the market tend to be of a bit harsh material as compared to the Pampers Premium Care Pants. As I said above, the material used is feather soft and breathable which completely erases the cause of skin rashes among babies and leaves a happy feeling among them as well as the mothers. As such, a happy baby leads to a happy mom! Isn’t it?
2) All around softness – When you have the quality of the material to be feather soft, it is bound to give an all around softness. Pampers Premium Care Pants are aesthetically developed that ensures that the baby gets all the comfort that makes the baby happy. Even the waistband is so soft that it doesn’t leave very heavy marks on the baby’s waist. 
3) Dryness – Pampers Premium Care Pants ensures that it stays dry from the inside as they possess ultra dry pores which quickly absorbs and lock away the liquids. Thus it helps in ensuring that the babies do not feel wet and can have a good night’s sleep.
4) Baby Lotion – We all know that the skin of every baby is soft and to protect the softness of the skin, Pampers Premium Care Pants have developed a baby lotion. This lotion has been used in these diapers which help in protecting the softness of the baby skin while the diaper is on. So there is no need of applying the baby lotion when the diaper is worn. 
5) Wetness Indicator – As a first time parent, it was very difficult for me to understand when to change the diaper for my kid. Sometimes I used to keep on the diaper for a couple of hours and sometimes I used to keep it for longer duration. But now with wetness indicator, it will get easier for me and lot of other moms to know the time to change the diaper. Moreover, even dads can now share a hand in changing the diapers with the much needed wetness indicator.
So overall, Pampers have gone a step ahead by introducing such much needed features in its latest Pampers Premium Care Pants. I would definitely recommend every parent to use the Premium Care Pants from Pampers for their little ones.

A superb product to keep both the babies and parents happy all the time! 

This blog post is written for Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda.