It is said that, ‘Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another’ and how true is that! Take any top dancer and you will feel that the dance simply comes from within. Just seeing them dance, invokes a feeling to dance even to a non-dancer. So if you are one such dancer or aspiring to be one, then you must visit DanceBible now. 
We have plenty of portals for various products and services, but rarely you will find a portal which will connect YOU with Dance. DanceBible is once such portal which will help an aspiring as well as an established dancer to hone their dance skills and learn dancing by viewing dance videos uploaded by various dance artists. 
The main purpose of DanceBible is to encourage dancing among people by connecting various dancers, choreographers, dance educators and dance parents. The platform allows to connect and share the dancing skills, learn different dance forms, create a portfolio and share it to the world. DanceBible is like a community for dancers who can learn and grow together and spread the passion for dance.

DanceBible is nothing but an encyclopedia for Dance. You don’t need to Google every now and then about dance videos, dance forms and ways and techniques to perfect the art. You will find each and every thing at DanceBible.
So there are plenty of features available to you when you visit DanceBible. You will get to know about Dance Styles, Dance Anatomy, Dance Audio and Videos and also interviews of famous dance personalities. 
Along with that, there is a section called as Dance Diaries wherein you can write about your experience, your journey and anything under the sky concerning dance and share it with others. Some of the articles are so informative and well written that it gets easier to find a solution to the problem. So, in short, you will find plenty of resources to learn and master the art of a particular dance form.
So once you learn the art, you can upload and share your dance videos by creating your Dance Portfolio. 
Times are such that people prefer freelancing into their choice of field. So if you are freelance dancer, DanceBible allows you to add yourself as a freelance dancer and take dancing assignments. Isn’t this lovely for all those freelance dancers looking for an opportunity? 
DanceBible, apart from providing you with lots of information on dance and honing your dancing skills, it also allows you to network which is highly necessary in today’s digital era.
The other important feature is Dance Schools where it allows you to find a dance school in your area which you can approach to learn dance. 
So overall, if you are parent of dance enthusiast, a dancer, a performer or even a choreographer, DanceBible has something for each and everyone of you. You can also check out their Facebook page for more info and updates.
Being a non-dancer, it is time I enroll myself in one of the dance schools listed at DanceBible. Ciao!