My romance with blogging started long back. At that times, almost 4 years ago, it was just a way to vent my feelings and emotions, put across my views on topics which interested me and that’s pretty much it. I didn’t care enough of the long tailed SEO words which has become a necessary in today’s cramped web space just to get some page views.
It was a journey which I had began as a novice, who knew to put pen to the thought process. Initially, just like plenty of other bloggers, even I was confused on what topics to blog and thus, finding my niche. What I learnt is that it is a slow and a rigorous process which a blogger has to go through to get noticed, forget about your views that you pen on the blog. For that, it requires a dedication similar to that of you checking your whatsapp group every ten minutes!

I #CelebrateBlogging every time I get a post idea and look out for that 15-20 minutes of spare time to pen it down on my blog. I used to get elated at the early stages of blogging and still do when I hit the ‘Publish’ button on my dashboard and see the post go live on my blog. The happiness that I used to get upon publishing my views in front of the world then and now is still the same. 
Initially, publishing a post was enough, but later on as I aged some 50 odd posts, I realized that I am not getting enough views for my posts. So, I joined various blogging platforms that would allow the fellow bloggers to gape at my posts and go gaga over it and how wrong I was about it! I shared my posts on top social media platforms in order to get some more views and slowly and steadily, over continuous engaging with fellow bloggers, my efforts started reaping the benefits. So, on a one fine day, I got a comment from a fellow blogger, on one of my posts to whom I was a complete stranger and it was the time to #CelebrateBlogging.
One of my posts on education sector got selected to be published as an opinion on Hindustan Times and that is when I did #CelebrateBlogging as I felt it to be a great medium to voice one’s opinion and get along with plenty of like minded people. I still have that piece of paper kept locked in one of my cupboards which I plan to keep it for years to come, so that I can boast about it to my grand-kids one day. 

Slowly and steadily, I kept on blogging and after a while I completely ran steam. I was pressed for lack of words and ideas to express myself and that’s when I thought that I should read books to generate ideas and develop my skills. I started reading and reviewing books and that’s when I felt that Creative Writing is my calling.
I started writing poems, fictional stories revolving around Love and kept doing it for sometime. It was going good, as I got a decent feedback about my story telling and creative writing. That is when I realized that writing is a constant learning process. To write badly, you need to at least put pen to your thoughts and to write exceedingly well, you need to keep writing, till there are thoughts bubbling in your minds.

So one fine day, it was the time to #CelebrateBlogging when three of my poems were selected to be published in an anthology of poems titled, Minds @ Work 2 by Firststep Publishers. I was ecstatic and jumping with joy upon seeing the copies of my book with three poems on Love, a topic on which I can speak for hours, be there in print for the readers to read and dance in the power of love. 
Post which, there was no looking back as I got published in a couple of anthologies with my short stories in it. That was the time, I started exploring with different genres by posting some creative fictional stories on the blog. During that time I noticed one interesting fact. I don’t know whether you will agree or not, but this is what I noticed. I prefer to call it ‘My Blogging Journey’ as it is only through the confidence in me which carries me to number of published posts, ever since I started blogging.

To conclude, it is only through blogging that I’ve got such wonderful opportunities to carve a name in the Literary field and see myself getting published on various occasions be it in print or in online magazines. 
Moreover, blogging has helped me to develop my craft in creative writing and my dream of having written a novel will soon come true. Yes, contract have been signed and tentative time for the release of the book is end of this year or early next year. So watch our for this space as I will be blogging about it soon. That will be the time when I would be always indebted to blogging and will continue to blog and #CelebrateBlogging no matter what, as it gives me an emotional high which is second best to sex. Mind it!

“I am writing for #WIN15 – BlogAdda’s Blog Awards on how to #CelebrateBlogging! You should too!”