Hi friends,
In this age of technology, we all love speed. We like our gadgets to perform at a speed which is equivalent to the snap of a finger. Almost majority of us gets irritated when we find that our gadgets don’t perform at our expected speed. However, times are changing. We are living in a world where technology is constantly evolving and as a result, we have the speed which none of the mobile operators can beat. Yes, we have Airtel 4G for our super-fast downloads. Isn’t that amazing?
Airtel 4G is the first ever telecom operator to roll out 4G services nationwide and it is rolled out across 296 cities. Airtel 4G is available at 3G prices, which is not only great, but they are also giving a free 4G SIM by just tweeting #GetAirtel4G. Having done that, Airtel will provide a free home delivery of 4G SIM. That really is some super tech-savvy service!

We always crib about slow data services, but have we wondered what we could do with such amazing and faster speed? So with such amazing speeds, I will do the following:

1) With Airtel 4G, I will first enjoy video calling with my loved ones, especially my toddler when I am away at work and unable to see him during the day. I can do some Skype calls for my official purpose without having to travel at faraway places and can save plenty of time. 

2) I am a complete shopaholic. So downloading all my favorite apps such as Flipkart and Myntra will be extremely easy. Along with that, ordering from these apps will get quicker with 4G to assist me and I can enjoy a super quick experience of browsing plenty of products and purchasing from my favorite apps.

3) With a new found love and passion for photography, sharing my clicks on social networks will be done in a jiffy. Along with that, I can easily share videos without having to check time and again whether the video has been successfully sent. Also, I can view my favorite videos from YouTube without having to view that rotating circle or in other words wait for it to buffer and stream it to me. I do not need to watch low resolution videos now and pause in between while it buffers. With Airtel 4G, viewing videos will be an enjoyable experience for sure. 

4) At most of the times, I work online and need to be present on social media for some client engagement and brand promotion. I have found many times that I am unable to send a tweet or attach a photograph to it because of low speed and have suffered due to it. But, with such lightning speed, I will be able to tweet and share on the go without having to face such difficulties. Moreover, I can easily download bulky files from my inbox and even attach such files. Working is definitely going to be a good experience having Airtel 4G to rescue.

Life is definitely going to get easier with Airtel 4G

So what are you going to do with Airtel 4G and its super-fast speed?