She pulled the duvet closer to her shifting in her posture, hugged it tightly and started snoring again.

It was the wee hours in the morning and the sun was just about to rise when he stealthily slid across the bed without making any noise but only after leaving a peck on her cheek.
He kept admiring the beautiful face of her wife for a while, the succulent pink lips, which he felt had turned a bit sore after all the love making the previous night and ran his hand through her long shimmering hair before realizing it is about time.
He hustled and bustled ensuring that he creates minimum noise, prepared everything, set the ambiance, took a deep breath and waited for the enchanting eyes to open.
She yelped, seeing his face right in front of her as soon as she opened her eyes and pushed him aside, only to find the extravagant spread lying on the table, a bottle of wine, a bouquet of red roses and her prince charming ogling at her as she rushed to hug and devour him before laying her hands on the sumptuous breakfast.

Pro Tip – Small gestures go a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship between individuals.