Life is such that it makes us to chase for our things. Be it to catch a bus or a train in the early morning peak hours or to chase and grab the window seat as soon as the train slows its speed and arrives to a halt. We see plenty of people running around so as to be on time and avoid any delays. Delays, often make people upset, leading to a reschedule of the entire plan and proceedings. 
So imagine a simple situation where, you, the smartphone lover or rather smartphone obsessed is waiting to download that one important file that could change your life drastically, for almost a few minutes. You would probably feel like tearing your hair out, isn’t it? 
Even when your smartphone shows that you have complete network and so does the data pack, yet there are times when you have to wait for quite some time to download a small file. Even refreshing your popular app, like Twitter to read the tweets on your timelines takes a considerable amount of time, in spite of you having a 3G network.
However, you now don’t need to worry and tear your hair out as Airtel understands this ‘waiting problem’ completely and has come out with better offering.
Airtel has rolled out its pan India 4G services for a super fast data connection which will enable you to download your favorite games, songs, files at breathtaking speed. You now don’t have to wait endlessly till the video gets buffered and stream for you. With Airtel 4G, all this is passe, as I got to experience the all new Airtel 4G plan on my mobile. 
The downloads, be it huge games like FIFA2015 from the play store or a video song gets done in a jiffy. It’s like you open your mouth wide, yawn like no one’s watching, and place it back to it’s place and tada…. The Download is done!! It is super-fast!!
Moreover, it didn’t cost me a penny more. With the same cost as that of 3G, Airtel provides you it’s 4G services. Yes, you read that correctly. So at the price of 3G, you will be getting 4G. Isn’t that wise on the part of Airtel? This will encourage youngsters and all the social geeks like me to move to a service provider that is offering a faster data connection.
To get started, all you need is a 4G ready device (you can as well buy from them), a 4G enabled SIM and a 3G data pack. Airtel provides the SIM directly at your residence if you opt for a 4G enabled SIM. 

You can check it out for yourself the comparison between 3G and 4G in this commercial…

For more on the same, visit Airtel 4G where you will be treated with loads of plans with data packs starting at Rs. 25. 
So what are you waiting for? Switch to Airtel 4G and have a relaxed downloading of your favorite things.