We are living in the age where information is available on the tip of your finger. With friends like Google and Twitter, you don’t need to wait for anything. Just a simple press of buttons will lead you to an answer. However, even this simple way of getting information is not used when it comes to Sexual Wellness and Sex in India. The main reason for this is the people’s inhibition and lack of desire to gain knowledge coupled with the traditional mindset. Even in the 21st century, people refrain talking about Sex and condoms and educating people, especially teenagers.
We all loving giving and receiving Sexual Pleasure in the form of Sexual Intercourse. Sexual intercourse is one of the ways where you build up a passion and stimulate each other by arousing the erogenous zones of the body. This eventually leads into insertion of man’s erect penis into the woman’s vagina, culminating into an orgasm and ejaculation of the semen. 
Oral Sex is a sexual activity where the genitals of one of the partner is stimulated by the mouth. lips or tongue of the other. 
In both the above forms of sexual pleasure, it is of extreme importance to use protection. This protection usually comes in the form of CONDOMS. 

Condoms are one of the easiest and safest way to enjoy a pleasurable and safe sex. Condoms reduce the chances of contracting many diseases such as STDs and AIDS. The simplicity of its application and almost complete protection is what makes a condom one of the best contraceptive available in the market. So don’t be a fool and cover your tool with any of the following types of condoms available in the Indian market.
1. Unflavored condoms – This is the type of condom which is widely used by people across the world. Unflavored condoms are mainly used while having a protected sexual intercourse. Also, care should be taken to check the expiry of the condom and also to wear the condom properly. Else, it might lead to plenty of problems later on.
2. Ribbed condoms – Ribbed condoms helps woman orgasm quickly as the outer layer of such condoms are ribbed providing increase stimulation for the woman. So if you want your partner to have an orgasm that too at a quick pace, ribbed condoms should be your choice for maximum pleasure.

3. Dotted condoms – Dotted condoms have dots on the exterior of the condom and hence the name. These type of condoms provide a different experience while having sexual intercourse and aims to give maximum pleasure.
4. Long lasting condoms – As the name suggests, these condoms are the ones which allows you to last long while having sex. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, then these types of condoms must be your armour for a long lasting sex. Not only this, long lasting condoms, like the others, allows for a complete sexual satisfaction and gives you longer duration to please your woman.
5. Extra lubricated condoms – If you feel that your vagina is dry, then you can try these extra lubricated condoms. Along with that, if you feel pain while having sex, then it is wise to use such condoms. It will ease the friction while having sex and allow to have maximum pleasure.
6. Ultra thin condoms – Ultra thin condoms are best to use when you want to enjoy sex with a natural feel. Hence such condoms, which are wafer thin, allows you to have sex and have a natural feel as if you are not wearing anything on your member. These ultra thin condoms are highly lubricated and gives you a heighten feeling.
7. Flavored condoms – There are plenty of flavored condoms available in the market such as, vanilla, banana, strawberry, apple, chocolate and many more. These condoms should only be used while performing oral sex as it helps to prevent and reduce the risk of STDs and not while having an intercourse.

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