Have you ever chanted ‘Kabbadi Kabbadi…’ either while playing or watching a game of Kabbadi? Rarely, right? But with Pro Kabbadi League, which started last year and which is getting bigger and better in scale, interest and entertainment, many of the Kabbadi lovers have started chanting ‘Kabbadi Kabbadi’. So, myself, who has started taking a keen interest in our National Game, didn’t want to miss a chance interacting with the three superstars of the Patna Pirates team.
Chanting Kabbadi Kabbadi is right from the age of Mahabharata says Rakesh Kumar #KabaddiKaBuddy @MyVolini @theblogmint
— Rohan Kachalia (@rohank01) July 18, 2015
So I was quite excited to meet and interact with Rajesh Kumar, who is the captain of our National Kabbadi team as well as that of Patna Pirates team along with his teammates Ravi Dalal and Girish Ernak. Along with them, was Shyamal Vallabhjee, a sports scientist, signed up by Volini who will be associated with the Patna Pirates team to look after the fitness of the players.
The meet started with fellow bloggers, all energetic and eager to meet the trio of the Patna Pirates team. The interaction with them was very insightful with lovely stories of them playing Kabbadi since years and how they have sustained pain and many injuries during those years. This is where the association with Volini, India’s no. 1 doctor recommended and used pain reliever comes front in helping them stay fit and away from pain. In fact, Kabbadi is the second sport with which Volini is associated with, after a successful association with Marathons across the country. 
Kabbadi is turning out to be a sport with huge mass appeal and connect but the chances of the players sustaining pain and injuries is extremely high. Also, it is an action packed game where one needs to recover quickly and be ready for the next game. So, to bridge the gap between the players and pain, Volini, aims to consolidate its position as a pain relief expert.  
Kabbadi is a game of body combat where chances of injuries are high and it is where @MyVolini helps and be #KabaddiKaBuddy @PatnaPirates
— Rohan Kachalia (@rohank01) July 18, 2015
During the Q&A session with the trio, it was understood that the more quickly you chant ‘Kabbadi Kabbadi..’, more swift are your actions and reactions while playing the game. So it is necessary to focus on the game and be 100% fit and full of energy while playing the game.

The Q&A session about to start for some interesting talk about the sport. @MyVolini @theblogmint #KabaddiKaBuddy pic.twitter.com/BXFSROMgFf

— Rohan Kachalia (@rohank01) July 18, 2015

Also, as we all know “Pain is the defying factor in deciding fame”, which is true in sports like Kabbadi and it is where Volini, the no. 1 doctor recommended pain brand becomes the pain relief partners of Patna Pirates. So with Volini by your side pain does not stand a chance.
Kabbadi kabbadi to #KabaddiKaBuddy is what @MyVolini aims and strives to achieve for @PatnaPirates
— Rohan Kachalia (@rohank01) July 18, 2015
Subodh Marwah

Commenting on the Volini’s association with Patna Pirates, Subodh Marwah, Vice President & Head Global Consumer Healthcare, Sun Pharma said“Kabbadi has a mass appeal and connect. This particular sport also has a huge incidence of pain and injury. Thus, there was a need felt of a pain relief expert to enable players to bounce back quickly. Patna being  the national Kabbadi capital and the only city in the country which has a separate Kabaddi stadium , we feel proud to be associated with Patna Pirates team as their official pain relief partners. 

Commenting on the Volini’s association with Patna Pirates, Shayamal Valabhjee said: “ProKabaddi is the hottest, new sporting attraction in India. But Kabaddi as a sport is far from forgiving on the body. The sheer physicality & brute power needed to execute those complex, explosive movements are simply astounding. To be a successful Kabaddi player, you will need power, razor sharp reflexes & split second decision making, but above all, you will need to endure pain – physical pain. It’s a sport in which only the strongest survive & the strongest are those who don’t give pain a chance.”

So it is safe to say that @MyVolini is playing a vital role by helping sports players fight pain.

Below are some of the photographs that speaks about a one of a kind event and interaction with bloggers, where a bit shy team members of Patna Pirates shared some lovely anecdotes, their struggle and what Kabbadi means to them.

All excited and geared up bunch of super #bloggers for the #KabaddiKaBuddy event!! @theblogmint @MyVolini pic.twitter.com/6sTZgsbTe0

— Rohan Kachalia (@rohank01) July 18, 2015