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We all know that Cricket is religion in India and is hugely followed by people from all walks of life. Be it a street vendor selling local eatery or a CEO of a company, Cricket is one such sport that unites us all. I think, most of the times we must have seen people from different religion, caste and status, bonding so well over a game of cricket. I have seen people from various walks of life, standing just outside the electronics showrooms and watching the final few overs with all the excitement and glee, leaving aside their work, worries and bonding for a while. That is cricket to us!

I clearly remember missing so many of the important clashes like the India vs Pakistan, 2003 World cup match where we had a blast batting first. Then, the epic test match in Australia at Adelaide, 2003, where one of my favorite cricketer of all time, The Wall, Rahul Dravid scored an epic double century, effectively paving way for one of our most cherished wins on Australian soil. Then, it was the clash of the titans, the stalwarts of the Cricket as a game, England and Australia in a clash known as ‘The Ashes’. It is really frustrating to see missing so many of the important clashes where your favorite stars are performing so brilliantly that you cannot afford to miss such high octane battles. But sadly, due to some reason or other, I had to miss such important knocks and had to be only contended with the eventual results.

But with evolving times and technology, we have a solution to tackle this factor of not able to view Cricket due to some particular reason. Here we have now, a solution called as UC Browser which has a feature called ‘UC Cricket’ for us cricket fanatics.

UC browser is as fast as the speed of light and hence, we can surf it at ease even on a 2G connection. Along with this, it comes with an inbuilt system called UC Cricket which actually serves as a viable option, without needing to keep aside your work and wait outside the electronics showrooms. UC cricket serves as a solution typically when you don’t have an opportunity or a luxury to be in front of your TV sets and watch it live. UC Cricket answers this itchy dilemma of continuously browsing websites and looking out for scores or asking your friends on a timely update of the game. It will show you the current status of the game, the scores, wickets, run rate, full scorecard and complete analysis of the game. Along with that the UC Cricket gives us a ball by ball update so that you don’t need to be itchy and over the seat while asking your friend every now and then. Apart from that it has the calendar for upcoming matches, special events and news. 

So overall, UC Cricket from UC Browser answers all the needs of a cricket lover who eats, drinks and sleeps Cricket and only Cricket. UC Cricket is indeed a perfect integration with UC Browser. You can download UC Browser on various platforms and enjoy UC Cricket at ease.

For all the lovers of the game, you can watch the UC Browser video below.
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