In times of struggling to make ends meet, we are usually left tired after a day’s long work and at the end of such a day we usually resort to some relaxation techniques. Some simply prefer to sleep to give rest to the mind and body. Whereas, some prefer to practice yoga or some form of exercises to calm the mind and heart for better concentration and relaxation of the mind. But, I usually prefer to listen some music as it helps me in healing the worn out issues and helps me in connecting better with my mind and heart. When you have both the mind and heart at sync, 8 out of 10 times you won’t regret a decision that you have taken. So for me listening to music becomes extremely important after a day’s work.
Although, I have plenty of playlists, which I have set depending upon the mood I am in, but here I have chosen a playlist which usually makes a non-dancer like me to at least shake a leg with my spouse. I am pretty sure she won’t mind me dancing with her as long as I try to match her moves and bring both of us to the state of liveliness.
So here is my playlist of songs which will provide me an instant dose of liveliness…
‘Sarkai Lo Khatiya’  is an old song from nineties featuring Govinda and Karishma Kapoor. It had become a huge hit during that time where a bedroom song was picturized with some quirky lyrics in it. So if you know the lyrics or have heard the song, you will definitely agree with me that the song definitely makes you come out of your worries to the state of liveliness, at least for me. Also, no wonder, the song helps in providing a wonderful night, just in case. 😛  
The second song ‘ Sato Janam Tujhko Paake’ in my playlist is again from the nineties and featuring the same actors. But this time the situation is different where the actor refers to plenty of actresses to woo her actress by doing some dance steps that I still try to mimic. So this is the second song, although most of you might not like or agree, but, this song helps me to come back to the state of liveliness whenever I listen to it. 
After having a number one dancer in my playlist of that era, it is time to have another dancer who probably is the number one dancer of the present era. Hrithik Roshan, in a song, ‘Tu Meri’ from Bang Bang, has some of the most exhilarating dance moves along with the peppy music that sees me trying to ape the steps done by him and failing miserably. So to compensate it, I try to sing Karaoke where I try to bring back myself from the state of tiredness to the state of liveliness. 
‘Woh Ladki Hain Kahan’ is an early twenties song which has a soulful music which syncs well with simple lyrics that has me singing the song every now and then whenever I miss her. Along with that, it has some easy dance steps which I can perform well and eventually bring myself back to the real me. 
This song had me dancing with my spouse at one of the ‘sangeet’ function of my cousin and hence I can safely include this track in this playlist. The song, ‘Aivayii Aivayii’ has some really peppy tune to it that fills me up with instant energy. 
Well if you don’t have ‘London Thumakda’ in this playlist then this playlist will definitely be left incomplete. With simple dance steps, superb lyrics and engaging beats, this song can surely lift anyone’s mood including mine and bring me back to the state of hope and liveliness.  
‘O Womaniya’ has both of us singing and dancing whenever it plays on the television. It is a kind of a song where you really don’t mind dancing like no one is watching and showcasing some of your steps which can put the Shaimak Davars to shame. Yes, for me, this song works wonders. 
‘Gallan Goodiyaa’ is another such song which has kept me hooked right from day one when it was played on music channels on television. With super star cast grooving to the beats and dancing, it literally makes me feel to stand up, sing, dance and come back to the state of liveliness.
‘Chittiya Kalaiya’ is again one such song for me that upon listening it truly refreshes me, pushes back all the worries and makes me live in the moment rather than being so much obsessed with worries and work.
Just as you have the above video featuring Alla Arjun and Anushka Manchanda making sure you are at your liveliest best every time you need to be, the above 9 songs ensure that I stay fresh and at my liveliest best. What are yours?

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