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It is said that, “If you don’t look back at your car after you park it, you own the wrong car.” However, with the all new Honda Jazz, things are going to change for the good. At first, the new Honda Jazz will definitely make you look back at it, after you have parked the car. The pictures along side will prove exactly that.
It follows a more aggressive design and language which will appeal not only to the younger generation but also to the older generation as well. After all, who doesn’t like to own a car which is simply too good on looks? Also, who doesn’t like to get so many ‘wows’, ‘aww’, and other envious expressions from the onlookers and passerby’s, once you are in the driving seat.
In fact, the ‘wow’, was one of my first reactions, while taking the above picture and as I got into camera mode, I simply could not think about owning this beauty as soon as possible and that too in the above color. Well, for me, the above color portrays the energy of youth, the fragrance of love and and color of romance and undoubtedly I am a sucker for all those things. 

Source: PonderingTwo
The bumper and the tail lights have been made much more sportier from the previous version and it goes in sync with the spirit of youthfulness and full of energy. Having said that, the tail cluster looks much more compact and sleek at the same time. Thus, coordinating with the entire design of the all new Honda Jazz. 

Source: PonderingTwo
The other thing that made me go ‘aww’ in sheer excitement is the overall design with the characteristic shape and cuts along with classy character lines that is well identified by a Honda car now-a-days. It possesses an aerodynamic body structure with an attractive side profile as shown in the picture. 
From the above pictures, one can surely say that the all new Honda Jazz is simply attractive with a compact body structure which does not miss out on being less sportier than majority of the cars in this segment. 
Now coming to the interiors, I can vouch that the all new Honda Jazz, has one of the best leg rooms, a car in this segment can ever have. Apart from that, the cabin exudes a feel of being supreme and classy at the same time with dual tone interiors of black and chrome. The cabin is highly elegant and spacious with an array of facilities necessary for the best drive one can ever have.

Source: PonderingTwo

As you can see from the above picture, the seating is pretty comfortable with adjustable seats as well as steering wheel which helps for a relaxed and comfortable ride. The dashboard is well designed and integrated with the best possible equipment. The all new Honda Jazz also has an infotainment system which can play music apart from navigating and guiding on the route along with Bluetooth connectivity for playing music. Also, the seats are pretty much comfortable which are well cushioned, ergonomically designed and gives a look of a premium upholstery. 
Now coming to the most important feature of the all new Honda Jazz is its performance. 
I got the privilege to be the amongst few to test ride the all new Honda Jazz, courtesy The ‘Hangout with Honda’ event at not any ordinary road but at the Buddh International Circuit and trust me when I say, the car really delivers when put to test on the F1 track.  
Source: PonderingTwo
I rode the all new Honda Jazz Diesel variant (manual -6 speed gear) and I was able to easily maneuver those difficult curves at some speed. Rarely I slowed down my speed below 20 kmph and at the majority of the time I drove through all those dangerous curves at third gear. Initially I thought, the car might not be able to pick up pace after considerably slowing down during the curves, but to my fascination the Jazz performed brilliantly. I didn’t feel the need to drop down a gear, raise and speed up. 
Overall, I could safely say that the all new Honda Jazz is one of the best cars to drive in city as well as on highways as it has a good control with a 1000 bhp engine that can take the load on it and doesn’t pass on back while driving. Not only that, the all new Honda Jazz has a 354 liter boot space that can be expanded to 881 liter by folding the rear seats. So with superior grip on the roads, elegant and sporty design and spacious interiors, the all new Honda Jazz is definitely the car that I liked the most in recent times.
Moreover, when you have the presence of the Honda India CEO, Mr. Katsushi Inoue who is all the more energetic, knows the market and ready to mingle with the younger breed, you can definitely say that the future of Honda India is in safe hands. 
Source: PonderingTwo
Also, have a look at a video showcasing the hooter sound as the cars approaches the pit stop which was fascinating to see. #HangoutwithHonda