It was almost after four months that we were meeting again. The feeling of meeting your loved and the most treasured one is something beyond this world especially that special one is soon going to be your better half. Yes, we were engaged and we both belonging to different cities, barely had met a couple of times. So, this time it was extremely special and to celebrate our meeting we chose a beach as our venue. What better than the sound of waves hitting the shore amidst the warmness of being together?
We strolled hand in hand and chatted above all the things under the sun. Or rather, let me correct myself.  She talked and I listened would be apt, with me a good listener and she a good speaker. So she spoke with all the enthusiasm about the things concerning us, our families, marriage and life after marriage. Basically she was a live-wire with all the expressions and emotions that her face showed up with an every tick of a second and I consumed it like a hungry wolf (pun aside). I smiled, I laughed along with her. I offered my two cents whenever my ears felt silence which was not very often. We continued walking merrily hand in hand, till our legs gave up.
Before I could offer to sit, she took my hand and held me towards the waves, where we soaked our feet. The warm water reaching towards us somewhat relaxed our feet as we kept on enjoying with the water, splashing it across each other. 
“Look, at the waves and the way it is approaching towards us”, she spoke all of a sudden and continued. “With all strength and gusto, probably threatening to throw us away with that speed. But as soon as it approaches towards us, the waves die down, losing all the energy .” 
She looked at me straight into my eyes, held my hands and continued, with me being oblivious to what she was speaking as it didn’t make much sense to me.
“So similarly, the problems might seem to be large, difficult to solve and probably can break even the strongest of the persons apart. On the other hand, it can also lose all the energy as it approaches us and offers us a look at life from different perspective.”
I stood there bemused at what she was speaking.
She took my cheeks under the shelter of her palms and said, “You will come over with it very soon. I am there along with you. We will fight it #together.”
I scratched my head, made a face and asked, “I’m sorry, I’m unable to get this analogy and what are you referring to. So can you please…?”
“You will get over with the fact pretty soon that you now have to spend your entire life with this chatterbox and I’ll make sure either to turn you into a chatterbox or to make you cry with my loooong talks.” She winked, splashed some water across my face and started running.
I ran after her with a smile on my face and the sounds of happiness probably echoed around us. 
Both of us now completely wet from splashing water and running on the shores, we simply sat down on the wet sand. 
She rested her head on my shoulder while I spread my arm across her shoulder as my started basking the sunset. 
“Don’t lose heart. You will find a new job pretty soon.” She said looking towards the sun and then  turned to look at me.
“We are #together.” Just as is #together in our journey of finding our dream home.
She simply said and gave me a tight hug to which I reciprocated with a tearful as well as the happiest and the most memorable hug. 
Sometimes it is the company along with optimism that matters while overcoming problems that life throws upon us.