It all started and got completed at a speed that can put many of the courtships to shame. A week! Yes, it was all done and dusted in a week. We met for the first time with set of each other’s parents and long list of relatives as if it is a sort of get-together or a picnic with high list of expectations from both ends. A couple of days later, we met again with an even longer list of relatives wailing their tails behind us, with smiles pasted on their faces. Probably a signal that alliance is going and should be to be made without any delay. From thereon, it was never looking back as I nodded to #StartANewLife. Thus began a roller-coaster ride of being a better half.
With new set of people, different surroundings and with my dearest husband, I embarked on my journey to #StartANewLife. Things were a bit difficult for first few months settling in the new environment. However, it soon started to turn out to be a bit smooth with a much needed support from hubby who held my hand whenever I needed. Just as how helps in finding a new home, holding our hands till we settle for our dream home.

A year of being a home maker left me completely exhausted where I felt that I am not doing any justice to my education. From thereon, I started a search for suitable jobs where I can handle both, job as well as home. Handling both meant undertaking a part time job. But I was not willing for it. I asked my husband who suggested trying kindergarten schools and I found one nearby our home. Everything fell in place as per my needs and thus I went ahead to #StartANewLife as a playgroup and nursery teacher, teaching cute and tiny little kids. There was no looking back as I enjoyed the challenge of handling the tiny tots and teaching them. Days simply flew away as in the morning I performed a role of a teacher in the school and from afternoon I played a role of a dotting wife and daughter-in-law.
Three years and a couple of promotions later, I took a sabbatical thinking that I need a break just to relax and think over about my future, with my family by my side to support in any decision that I would take. I pondered over whether to pursue some course and enhance my education or to start my own ‘playgroup’ teaching tiny tots at home. Just when I was about to come to a concrete decision after dillydallying for almost couple of months, I got the best news of my life, that of my pregnancy.
After 15 months, now here I am, managing my tiny tot, my sleep, as well as my home with a hope to start something new again. With the plan of starting my ‘playgroup; in the back of my mind, I decided to give majority of my time to my kid and whatever balance time I could get as a free time, after completing all household chores, I would write and dance depending upon my mood – Writing, because it helps me in my thinking process and also helps in generating new ideas and dancing because it helps me in liberating my feelings and emotions thus making me a strong person physically as well as emotionally. Hence, sooner I will embark to again #StartANewLife, with a new role of a mother and to slowly and steadily steer all my energies and expertise in starting my own ‘playgroup’.