“I have just changed the diaper some couple of hours earlier, so never mind and let the baby sleep.”

“I think the diaper feels a bit heavy and wet too. I need to change it although not disturbing the baby’s sleep in the process.” 
You began contemplating whether to change the diaper or not with a question mark hanging on your face.
The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to check the outside of your baby’s diaper as the baby charms you with the sweet and innocent look on the face. You pat the diaper, sense a feel about it and start reflecting.
On the other hand when the baby is on the crying spree, the first thing you do is check out the diaper to see if it is the wetness that is troubling the baby.
Majority of the parents resorts to checking out the diaper from outside most of the time especially in the above scenarios. 
A survey released by a leading Research Agency IPSOS, states that around 94% of the mothers want dry bottoms for their babies but doesn’t bother to check whether the diaper is dry from the inside or not. As a result most of the times babies do not have a peaceful sleep and keeps on wailing, asking to be tended to and you as a parent start worrying instead of just changing the diaper.
In what I have learnt from my short experience of just 5 months of motherhood, the key thing to understand is that, Diapers need to be your number 1 go-to item from all the resources that you use to tend to your baby. However, finding the right diaper for your baby is not an easy task. It is always a trial and error with the various diaper brands till you get settled with one. I also had to go through the circle, till I had found my right choice, Pampers Baby Dry Pants. Hence, it is important to understand the features of a diaper that so matters to you as well as the tender one.
The Important & Necessary Features
1. A good diaper is the one that does not leak. Whatever may be the circumstances and howsoever full the diaper may be from the inside, the diaper needs to fight out and keep ‘all the things’ to itself. You don’t want a diaper that is unable to control and passes off the ‘things’ in due course. So, a diaper needs to have that safety lock when it comes to leaking.

2. Just imagine spending a night in your wet undergarment with a fan rotating at full speed or an air-conditioner switched on! That would not be a great night’s sleep for anyone, right? Now simply imagine your baby sleeping with a wet diaper. Would the baby be able to have a sound sleep that is highly required? If you as an adult don’t approve of it, then how can a baby sleep through the night with a feeling of wetness around? So, it is necessary that the diaper you choose should be able to keep the baby dry from inside as well.
3. The other and equally important feature that a good diaper should allow itself is that of flexible waistband and comfortability in general. The baby should feel comfortable in the diaper. The softness of the material along with stretchable sides are ideal qualities in any diaper. The diaper should not hang on to the baby tightly; instead it should be light and breezy around the waist and thighs. 
4. The diaper should easily adapt to the body and fit accordingly. Along with that, the size of the diaper you use is also important. It should not happen that the baby terribly feels uncomfortable due to the inappropriate size of the diaper or due to the elasticity and make of the product.
5. Many diapers come with different absorbent rates. Some may offer 8 hours of dryness whereas some may offer more than 10 hours of dryness. A good diaper is one that offers maximum hours of dryness with good absorbent rate and at the same time prevents skin wetness, a prime cause for baby rash.
Apart from the features, it is highly essential that the diaper is worn and taken off correctly over the baby’s waist; else chances are the diaper won’t be able to keep ‘the things’ well into its place and probably soil everything.
Also, have a look at the video of the diaper brand that is being talked about which is also serving my kid too!
Cheers and Happy Parenting!