He leafed through the stack of pages with an eye of intent on them, standing across the balcony early morning. Just then his eyes fell on a pot that had been hanging from one of the walls of the balcony. 

For a moment he felt a tinge of sparkle gleaming on one of the leaves of the plant as a soft breeze made the leaves to shiver and wave a quick ‘good morning’ to him. ‘Must be early morning dew’, he thought and smiled in reply.

Moving closer, he looked at the plant with a bit more intent and felt that they had a strong desire for some sunshine after some extreme chilly and windy days as well as nights. It was winters. 

Just then his insides churned as he realized that he had been holding the torn pages for quite some time. He lay his eyes upon them and kept it fixated upon it, shuffling from one page to another. After a while, with a bit of stoic expression on his face, he took the pot in his hands and ran outside in search of some sunshine. Luckily, he did find some place where the early morning sun-rays were warming the earth and immediately placed the plant below.

“I’ll not let you wilt“, he said with teary eyes unable to control his emotions as he sought joy through pain.

“Just as you left your relationship to wilt”, accused the love letters with an air of disdain evident in their ink, that he had held all the while in his hands. 

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday