Off late e-commerce has been booming with new ventures coming up almost regularly. And to try their luck came a website called  which is an online classified website. To much surprise it has over 10 categories to buy and sell products from, ranging from real estate to jobs to electronics and matrimony. Yes, you name it and then have it. Thus making buying and selling a bit easier where you post your requirements and within no time you have a list of people willing to inquire about your ad.
And in the constant process of giving its user a better experience Quikr has come out with a much better messenger service which will keep you away from incessant calls inquiring about your ad. Thus living it up to its tag line – No Fikar, Chat Quikr and is also being touted as the next big thing in online buying and selling.
So what has this update has actually done? Well for starters, it has taken away those calls which had the probability of being missed due to the busy schedules or for any other reason, thus missing out on a prospective buyer or a seller and sealing the deal. 
With this update a buyer or a seller doesn’t need to keep calling every now and then. All they need to do is have a chat with the concerned buyer or a seller without giving away your contact number or email address to any one with your user id. 
Surely for any online buyer or a seller this service is definitely going to be a boon both for them and will go a long way in how the online classified buying and selling takes place over years.
So, Quikr NXT is definitely a huge thumbs up for me as it makes communicating easier and much more safe and reliable while conversing with unknown people and also for the following reasons:
1) A basic thing while conversing over the phone is that we have to remember what we have said. And when we are talking with lots of potential buyers and sellers, imagine the critical points, figures, amount etc which needs to be remembered. And this might vary from person to person irrespective of whether he is a buyer or a seller. Thus, the above problem gets sorted while chatting through Quikr NXT as we can have detailed idea of the conversation that have taken place over days before finalizing and closing on the deal as we can always check with the history of all the messages that have been exchanged. Also, it provides much needed transparency in the deal. And moreover as I said above we don’t need to exchange our contact numbers and email ids, thus giving a feel of privacy. 
2) We can exchange photos and other details as per over convenience. Also, if the buyer or a seller requests for a picture from a particular angle or of a particular side of any product that can also been shared with ease. Thus, allowing a more prompt and detailed decision making. 
3) The most important advantage of this feature is that it is both non-invasive as well as in real time. Non-invasive as we do need to share our details and real time means by just a click you can send the details of the product along with the photograph with ease of not logging in to your emails and sending the mail. You can be at any place, any time and you can easily chat with multiple buyers or sellers at one time and can strike a deal as you don’t always sit in front of your computer thus saving your time.
So what do you think? Buying and selling things all through chatting.

This post is for Happy Hour with Indiblogger and Quikr.