“Bizarre travelling plans are dancing lessons from God”. Kurt Vonnegut had once said. But this travel plan wasn’t bizarre. In fact it wasn’t only travelling. It was relocating to a completely new place, Bangalore. And to add some more spice, the intimation of this relocating for work purpose was completely out of the blue just like the probability of an alien landing on earth. And further to add some more chilli flakes was the short notice of just a month.
A bit of panic started gripping me as days started nearing. “What will I do? I don’t have any social contact in Bangalore who can help me in finding a good place to stay and which is nearby the office. I started asking my colleagues, friends and relatives in a hope of any contact in Bangalore. But as things have planned to be, when you desperately need something that something doesn’t ever materialize. A rule of nature which we all know. Somewhat akin to Murphy’s law. I freaked.
But then as it is said, “When all the doors get closed you don’t wait for any of them to be opened. You simply create another door.” And that is exactly what happened when I solemnly took to browsing for my search of a suitable living place in Bangalore. There existed an another door which I felt was especially waiting for me to knock. And so I did knock the doors of http://bangalore.quikr.com/ and thanked my stars.
The Quikr website is a complete marketplace for everything. Just what I had needed and at a perfect time. From real estate to matrimony to entertainment, from education to jobs to home and lifestyle; it has covered each and every aspect an individual can require at some point of time in his life. And so did I. I immediately registered myself on the website and started looking out the ads placed under real estate on rent. I placed the counter for rent less than 10000 rupees under the rent tab and voila! A list of sellers appeared. I noted a few to my liking and chatted with them. Initially I was a bit wary of a fake ad being placed but to my surprise all turned out to be genuine. I decided to get back in a couple of days to the few shortlisted. And finally I decided to go with one nearby my office. 
Relieved after having a nice place to have a good night’s sleep, I landed in Bangalore four days prior of my joining to set up my new abode. 
I again decided to search Quikr for a cabinet and a wardrobe. I first ticked the Used sign under ‘refine your results’ tab and browsed through the results. And again to my surprise I found a seller willing to sell his entire furniture with a tagline ‘2-3 years old’. A bit skeptical for once but I still decided to have a chat and meet the seller. And upon meeting I was sure that I was going to buy the furniture. Nothing gives more happiness when you can get products almost new and that too at a cheap price. I had definitely saved some money.
And in the mean time I also created an alert for myself for buying a bike and a refrigerator.
Once I got to know the amount of travelling I require for official purposes I decided to finally have a check on the alerts. For you know the autos in Bangalore. They cost you a bomb! A week later I was with my Passion riding all through the streets of Bangalore.
Pretty satisfied I have now decided to check Bangalore Quikr as my go to place for any thing that I require.