It is easy to develop feelings or crush for someone. It is even more easy to feel strongly about the same. But when you have to present those feelings and emotions in a gift wrapped and sugar coated magical words with an air of extreme sincerity in your eyes, trust me it is the hardest thing to do on this planet.
There are times when you had everything prepared in your mind and suddenly all your ‘Ten times prepared in front of mirror words’ has a stomach ache and excuses for a visit to the loo and locks till the end of the day. And all you do is simply stare in the person’s eyes and say nothing.
But when you have 14th February approaching soon then you definitely have to plan something big and make sure you eventually let your feelings be known. And that is what I would exactly plan to do but not before making sure that the girl also has the same feelings towards me and reciprocates my affection and emotions for her. Else it would be nothing more and fierce than an emotional catastrophe. So to prevent this and an embarrassment I would first make sure that she is equally head over heels in love with me at least a week before Valentine’s day.
Having done and satisfied myself it would be time to rack my creative brain and come out with something unique. So here is how I have planned. 
In today’s technology driven world it would make more sense to use the technology in place in the efforts and plans to propose someone. Hence I would first set up a lovy-dovy website which would consists of our photos together capturing some wonderful time spent together along with pictures of romantic places from around the world. And in that there will be small romantic couplets explaining how feelings started developing for her.
After that I would start sending some feelers to her in a rise up to the big day. It would be a photo-quote sent twice a day, once in morning and once at night just before hitting the bed which contains romantic quotes with a background image of some iconic and scenic locations resembling love and romance.
And when the day eventually arrives, this time being on a Saturday, it would be only apt to go on a short yet romantic drive towards a beach and spend the early hours of the sunrise sitting on top of the bonnet and gazing at the sun rising from the sea and surrender to the nature’s calm and soothing environment and get lost in each other. 
After that as the sun sets straight over the head, it would be time to visit a mall and purchase her a dress of her choice and ask her to wear that and head straight to a restaurant for a lavish lunch. Post which a movie outing with corner seats booked to have some secret moments.
And then in the eve I would drop her to her home like a good guy and zoom off without saying anything probably leaving her in a bit of shock and allow some Cupid Games to be played at the back of her mind.
But then I would secretly follow her to her home where both set of parents will be present giving her a surprise of the day with the entire house decorated with balloons and candles with dim lights and setting highly romantic. Yes, I will take both set of  parents into confidence as I believe that you propose someone with whom you would love to spend your entire life with and that in our culture and tradition is best done with the blessings of the elders. Also, a large screen will be showing the website that I had made especially for her which will be turned like chapters of a romantic novel as her eyes falls on what’s being written on them for her.
As the webpage reaches ‘a to be continued page’, all lights will go on. And at that very moment I will twirl her around, hold her hand, pull her a bit closer and go down on one knee and propose, “Will you like to spend your entire life with me?” amidst all the cheering and clapping, thus making it a truly grand day filled with lovely memories.
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