That morning we had no clue where we were about to be taken. We were waiting early morning at our hotel reception and I casually took a stroll outside to check the weather. And with double the speed I ushered myself back to the safe confines and stood near the reception a bit away from the main door. My teeth were still chattering aloud as the outside was too chilly for me to stand and take the soft rays of the sun. She eyed upon seeing me, gave a look and winced, “The temperatures have not run into minus yet. The sun is shining outside!” I gave her a wry smile and stood there waiting to be called by our guide.
“Did I make a mistake by choosing this destination for our annual trip?” I wondered and left a silent prayer to give me strength to endure this day. 
Armed with all my gloves, cap, jacket and with two layers of clothing under the jacket I braved walking outside, this time clutching her hand as the guide called us outside signalling it the start of the adventure.
And to further advance my worry he said quite animatedly that it’s going to be one hell of an adventurous and tiring day. I simply placed my palm at now hyperventilating heart and crossed my fingers. 
The journey by car was far more enthralling as we could see some snow that had been swept to the corners of the road, mountain peaks in white and wind brushing past our faces.
My heart had somewhat come to its normal self but only till I came to know that the remaining ride to the top will be on a horse. I quivered. I saw her pretty excited for the ride and decided not to kill her excitement by proposing to stay back. My throat had gone dry as I reluctantly sat on the horse, for the first time in my life and saw hordes of them riding tourists uphill with deep valley on both the sides of the narrow patch called as a ‘road’.
After having shouted the most in the half an hour journey, the sight was beautiful and welcoming. A table top covered full of snow with people enjoying the fun activities, clicking photographs and having a memorable time.
“Look there”, she pointed a finger upwards. “I want to do it.”
A rope was connecting the two points placed strategically in a downward slope. All we had to do was grab the rope as tight as possible and slide. The only thing being it was at some height.
“I value my life”, I replied with a blank face.
“So do I. But imagine dying with my arms around you, looking into your terror struck face and shouting over the top of our voices would be like living our lives in that moment.” She managed to drag me with a bit of emotional and more of a romantic drama pulling me closer to her and planting a kiss on my cheeks. “More would follow during the course of our adventure.” She had winked saying that.
“I just hope that life doesn’t blink at us”, I murmured as she dragged me and I followed like an obedient pup. 

“It seems like the day of the ‘Firsts’.” I yelled as they pushed us, closed my eyes with my fingers clenching upon the harness tightly as my heart whirled from inside whereas she was as calm as a cat and enjoying with loud shouts of ‘wooo’ as we slid .  

“See you are alive and breathing!” She took my hand and placed it on my now thundering heartbeats and hugged me tight giving me enough warmth that was required at the table top of Khufri, Shimla.
Relieved that it was over and at the same time a little bit of me was happy that somewhere I beat the fear of heights, of doing something adrenaline that made be feel and hear the beating of my heart which in our day to day life gets unnoticed and unfelt. And to cherish the moment of rush I had the company of Mountain Dew along with piping hot bowl of Maggi and the smiling Her.

And this is exactly what is being seen in the below mentioned video – To rise above fear towards victory.

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