What is health?
It is nothing but a condition in which you find yourself in the best of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of any disease. But, off late we tend to associate our social well being with how high is our klout score rather than how much we are smiling or rather how much we indulge in making others smile. Sad, but true.
And similarly we relate our good mental being with how much stress we can handle and come out winning eventually.
And moreover we determine our healthy being with the presence of any illness or disease. “It’s almost a year since I last visited a doctor.” This sentence is the epitome of signalling that you are in the best of your health, which is highly misinterpreting. One routine health check up and reality will dawn upon you leading you to work up frantically, visit gym and be a happy bird again showing off your gym bag and clothes to everyone. “Ohh, you visit daily gym?” “Yea, almost daily.” After couple of months the answer changes to “My demanding work is not allowing me to visit gym daily”.
This is the reality of today’s era where earning money takes more importance than health. What we fail to realize is that without good health you will drain your hard earned money in paying doctors and hospital fees. So what’s the solution keeping in mind hectic work schedule and also not missing your daily exercise routine?
The answer lies in the new SunfeastFarmlite advertisements. A look at these advertisements tells you that staying healthy can be a fun way which is utmost necessary in today’s hectic lives of ours.
A simple twist in your boring, age old walking, running, skipping exercises allows you to take care of your hectic schedule without missing your exercises apart from making you look miserable. Say like, hula-hooping for 10 minutes, dancing with your partner and ending it with shhh… you know what, jogging behind a kid who is cycling, playing any outdoor game like badminton can be a fun way to be at good health, shed the calories and at the same time you can spend some wonderful time with friends and family. Thus giving you triple benefits all at one time. Isn’t that great?
And what better example than our very own Navratri festival where 9 days of dancing meets with lots of happiness with friends and family. Imagine shedding about 956 calories just by dancing to the tunes and playing garba/dandiya and that too only for two hours! How cool is that. Isn’t it? 

(Pro tip: A husband who is equally eager for the 9 days of Navratri is truly a blessing in disguise if you want to enjoy the festival in a healthy way.)

Also, for someone who has to manage house and work, words like, “kal chutti” or “gaon jaana hain” spells terror on my face. As in who is going to help me in completing my daily chores. That is where the Goodbye Bai video, which I personally like,  comes to the rescue of many home makers like me where it shows how the mundane cleaning and mopping activity can be fun when you involve your family members in it and pep it up with some music so that you can dance while doing the chores. Thus the home gets cleaned and calories are burnt too.

And it is but natural that you have to complement the daily exercises with healthier cooking and proper eating habits so that you can get a healthy and a better you. And the Fit Fighter video advocates this. If you are fit you can fight any battle, that too even with your spouse.

And this is exactly what Sunfeast Farmlite advocates through its advertisements, take your exercises in a fun way and enjoy it by doing exercises you like coupled with healthy eating habits.  And here, Sunfeast Farmlite presents a healthy and a tasty cookie available in two delicious healthy variants – Oats & Raisins and Oats & Almonds. With juicy raisins, dash of almonds and crunchy oats fibre, I am sure it is going to be me and my family’s one of the healthy snacks in the morning. What about you?

This post is written for Indiblogger.in and Sunfeast Farmlite