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Team Blogsters

Tara came out of the editorial meet with a sullen face but a throbbing heart. She was angry that Anshuman simply could not let her concentrate on the things that help her earn money. Rather he was busy eyeing her with passion that was as deep as the sea and making suggestive faces that made her heart race and her lips to quiver.
Anshuman who promptly followed her, stopped her midway, and raised his brow with a mute what.
“As if you don’t know, Anshuman”, replied Tara looking straight into his eyes.
“If I cannot flirt with my soon-to-be-wife, then with whom I can flirt, Miss Bunny?”
“You’re impossible.” Tara shook her head, gave a swooning little smile.
“See you soon”, she winked at him and left towards the parking lot.
Work had taken a lot of her young and happy days as she had completely forgotten to live her life and enjoy it to the fullest. In fact she got so embroiled in her work that sometimes she would spent sleepless nights at her office cubicle and sometimes she would just doze off at her office’s guest room. Work for her had become her medicine, medicine for her past, her once upon a time husband Shekhar and her lovely daughter Roohi. If something that could stop her thoughts meandering across to Roohi and her whereabouts that would be simply her work and God send Anshuman.
Anshuman’s company had become a home for Tara. She never felt that comfortable in Anuhuman’s company as she felt now. That one night stand had worked as a miracle for her. After an initial guilty feeling, it had changed their relationship forever and for good.
She felt a sense of relaxation, a sense of oneness when Anshuman is around. Though she felt like detesting his flirting habits every now and then but at the same time she also felt important, that someone is there who cares about her, who lovers her. Her heart ached for his closeness, for his smell, for his weird sense of humor, for the way he cared and for everything that was Anshuman when he wasn’t near her.

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