This is a free verse poem. The poem is inspired by Maya Angelou’s quote “There is no great agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Time was fairy and roses
Flowering the heart
Basking in the exuberance
Of Love and ally
Days flew with gusto
Akin to a swarming river
Nights went at an alarming speed
To the analogous heartbeats of presence
Stars glowed radiantly
Came closer to the reality
A 360 degree somersault
Vacating the heart forever
Soul mourned for a soul
Too close to be far
With cherished memories
As heart’s rations
The heart aches
A forcefully ran machine
Of oil and love
Days linger
Heart bleeds
Only time
A catalyst for better
Those three eternal words
Felt from deep within
With agony ballooning
A story left untold
Different would it be
Had I said
The eternal words
I Love You?
How I wish so…
But the reality refuses
To be back to fairy and roses
Now only reminiscences
Nothing would change
The present being
But still my heart fancy writing
An ‘I Love You’ verse