It is always a pleasure to write at Write Tribe’s prompts and now after a short haitus it feels good to be back to writing for the superb prompts.

This time it is the 100 words on Saturday 2014 #14

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

“Truth has many faces. Even a simple ‘I Love You’ has many undercurrents which one can never see and feel”. And ‘truth’ when presented to please is often modified to suit the people concerned”, reasoned Arun, his close friend and attorney.
Kabir’s mind wobbled with the twisted facts his father had presented about his mother’s death.
 For almost 30 years he was oblivious to the fact that his mother was murdered for objecting to his father’s unprecedented and ever escalating demand for dowry. Kabir wished he knew then what he knew now.
“Press for death penalty”, hissed Kabir with angst.