“A professional writer is an amateur writer who didn’t quit.” ~ Richard Bach

And so here I am in the process of being a professional writer. 

I have been tagged in an author’s blog hop by Janaki Nagaraj who blogs at janakinagaraj.com who is also one of the contributors along with me in an anthology called ‘Minds @ Work 2’.

I first met her at one of the most privileged open Blogger-Author- Rendezvous with author Ravi Subramanian. And from there we met at each other’s blog and various blogger meets. Apart from being a warm and a cordial person, the one thing that catches my attention is her Poetries and the way in which she expresses in those limited words is something I always crave for. You can also hop on to her above mentioned blog for more poetires as she is taking part in National Poetry Writing Month.

As a part of this blog hop, I am suppose to answer some questions too. So here it goes:

1) What am I working on?

At present I am concentrating on reading more and more, penning sonnets and haiku and honing my skills at writing short stories and eventually taking the most desired step of writing a novella. At present you can find my works in three upcoming anthologies of short stories and also one of my sonnet is published in the very first issue of Writer’s Ezine Magazine

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

From what I have come to know from my fellow friends and authors, my writing is a mixture of subtle erotica and romance served together. 

3) Why do I write what I do?

For self satisfaction.

4) How does my writing process work?

When I think to write something I need utter silence for my thoughts to get penned. Also I like to write impromptu without much thoughts apart from the basic outline.

I would like to pass on this baton to two of the fellow writers whom I had the privilege of meeting in this wonderful blogosphere.

Renu Sethi

Renu, a home maker by choice is a prolific blogger and writer. Her stories have been published in many e-magazines and few of her short stories and poems are published in various anthologies. She blogs at Inner workings of my (in)sane mind

Stephen A K

Stephen, an engineer by profession is a vivid blogger with his funny as well as romantic take on various matters on which he blogs upon. His short story has been published in an anthology called ‘Uff Ye Emotions.’ He blogs as The Solitary Writer

Do hop onto their blogs next monday as they take this baton forward and give us a sneak peak into their writing process.