Author: Dhruv Gajjar
Published by: Write India Publisher
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-84180-07-2
No. of Pages: 212
Price: INR 150

Summary: WORDS are mightier than anything else in this world. Sometimes they serve as liaisons between between two distinct hearts, and sometimes they shatter two people irreparably apart. But when they are woven into promises and hopes, they give rise to something that lasts forever. They change lives. 

I had almost lost myself, when she brought me back to life – with her promises. She was dying with a dreadful tumour, but she had the authority to pull those last strings that brought me back to her. She was gradually dying, and every night before going to sleep – she would take a portion of my heart, my soul and my words. She would take a promise from me every night that made me who I’m today. She gave me a new life. One of those promises was to compile this novel that took me to an eventful journey in which I discovered several people, like me, who too were keeping promises.

Review: ‘Keeping the Promises’ is one of those books which I can read again and again and relish things about Love and True Love. And believe me each time it will give you some fresh perspective about Love and also ignite few of those memories shared with the loved one. It is a poignant tale of unconditional love, sacrifices and promises through doing things for the person whom you love so dearly. There are times when the words will move you to tears especially the epilogue and the last letter of M. Each and every characters are very lively, endearing and etched out to perfection. The book is difficult to keep down until and unless each and every word has been read.

The writing is very crisp and clean with a good control over vocabulary which is rare among the debut authors although some proof reading errors have been noticed. The page quality is nice but the page colour could have been different instead of white. It would probably give a much better feel and reading experience. The cover design is also apt and goes with the title.

Overall: All those who like reading love stories must definitely grab the book ASAP. Am pretty sure you’ll like and relate to the book.

Ratings: 4.5/5*