Horses. For many, it is just a simple animal which you love and adore to have a ride on. But for me, it is a synonym to hate and fear. Why so? Because it allowed me to see death in front of my eyes. You don’t believe? Just go to Shimla and you will realize it for yourself.

We had been to Shimla on a holiday a month ago. The tour operator had their schedule fixed. So it was the time to visit Khufri which is some few kilometers away from Shimla and at some height.

The vehicle can take you till a point where there are roads but after that it is all Horses and horses. So against my wish, I did had to ride a horse uphill. But if that wasn’t enough, the passage through which the horses would go was narrow and muddy due to melting of snow. And yes, it was a passage created, not a developed road. So there was this danger of horse losing the balance.

And yes did I mention that the passage was surrounded by steep open valleys on either side? And to top it the horses would walk on the edge of the passage, banging into other, overtaking and even galloping. So a slight here and there and…

But while reaching to the top the valley was barely for few minutes of our hour and half journey on the horse. So that was some respite.

We heaved a sigh of relief when we reached to the top safely.

But my heartbeats soared as we started to descend. The route taken was different this time. It was the other side of the mountain. As the sun was burning bright the snow had started melting at a quick pace. So much more danger of horse slipping.

While ascending the horses were overseen my their master who would see that they follow the path correctly and don’t wander away. But as we started to descend, the master followed us initially and then left us a God’s mercy, all to ourselves. Now imagine the plight of the one who doesn’t know how to ride a horse. It was frightening and scary.

Amidst lots of shouts, yells of fear and anger, my horse decided it was time to explore the unchartered territory. So instead of taking his well taught off route, he conveniently slide aside, taking me down on the flat although steep ground adjacent to the valley.

And to top it, my horse didn’t had that rope to guide his way or I may not have found it, being my first time on a horse. 

So cries of helplessness, anger, and all the other emotions that were running in me echoed in my ears. The horse was just a foot away from the steep sloping valley. My heart had just popped out, as I closed my eyes, thinking that it was over. 

But God said, “You have such a beautiful, loving, caring (and all the other adjectives one can imagine) wife and good amount of years left to spend with her and enjoy this life.” As I saw the master taking control of the horse and guiding it to its way.

I opened my eyes after what seemed eternity.

But this constant fear of seeing death in front of my eyes will remain in me atleast for sometime if not forever.

I sincerely thank The Almighty for giving me the second lease of life to enjoy, to keep smiling and to keep spreading love.

This post is written as a part of Write Tribe Festival of Words 3 and the topic for Day 3 being Free Write

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