Author: Tabrik C
Publisher: Hachette India
Genre: Fiction/ Thriller
ISBN: 978-93-5009-670-3
No.of Pages: 319
Price: INR 350

Synopsis: India has a new Prime Minister. But is Siddhartha Tagore the product of his genius or of his dangerous mind?

India is on edge as a subversive internal revolt against the Constitution, and the threat of Jehadi terror of an unthinkable level, are looming on the horizon..

Ringing Shiva’s damaru in and out of the Parliament, a sudden turn of karma catapults outsider Siddhartha Tagore – a conflicted genius, music maestro and prodigal son, with forceful views on China and Pakistan – into national promenience as the head of the Opposition Alliance and finally as the newly elected Prime Minister of a disturbed nation.

But buried secrets are being resurrected and threaten to expose the past. Twisted within the double helix of menancing politics and hidden lust, Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister is a scorching account of Siddhartha Tagore’s fascinating journey from Harvard to 7 Race Course Road.

Review: Firstly, I must confess that I am extremely lucky to read such a wonderful book and be a part of all those who have read the book and have liked it. 

The book is a journey of a man named Siddhartha Tagore from his Harvard days mastering his music, to becoming a sensation in music with fans all over the world, to the tumultuous times representing India as her Prime Minister. Set in the year 2016, the author takes into account the current scenario and adds it extremely well to form a well knit plot.

There are various characters through which the author has build upon the story apart from the protagonist Siddhartha Tagore. All these characters are extremely well written brimming with emotions. The ease in which the author has blended variety of things into the plot is something that captured my attention. It almost made me live the experience page by page. 

The writing is exceptionally good with thorough research and brilliant editing that will make you to turn the pages till the book is completed.

Overall: A page turner for sure and a perfect thriller. A must read for the perfect edge of the seat experience. Am sure you will not be disappointed reading this book. Grab it ASAP.

Ratings: 5/5*

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