‘Common push, push hard’, bellowed Priya as she waved a caring hand over her head.

Tanya yelped out hard in agony as Priya pushed with both her hands, using hers.

The tension on Priya’s face was evident as Tanya barely had any energy left in her.

‘It’s close, pretty close. One or two more push and it’s done’, said Aachal in an affirmative tone.

Priya patted Tanya’s cheek so as to make sure she doesn’t succumb to the pain.

Tanya screamed again, pushing as much as she could along with Priya’s help and finally she was relieved as they heard the sweet cry of a baby.

‘Cut it’, said the director appreciating all of them for pulling out a fantastic and a genuine looking scene.

‘Who says acting is an easy job’, exclaimed Priya as she took a sip of her green tea. 

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