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The Apple of my eye
How easy it was to say ‘Yes’, sitting across each other without even knowing anything about each other (likes, dislikes, hobby etc. doesn’t count), putting a blind faith on each other’s commitment to stay healthy as a beautiful couple once the garlands have been exchanged. Well, that’s what arranged marriage is all about. Isn’t it?

But what turned in your favour was the effervescent self, rich with positivity mixed with a tinge of blush as our eyes met and the curve of the lips when it parted to speak and smile. Of course the flirtatious nature of your long lustrous tresses did play a hand in it when some of the strands kept on caressing my cheeks as we had sat for the customary chit-chat.

That moment and the moment when we blinked together and said ‘yes’ were few of the moments that are still fresh from the oven, baked with pure feelings with the crispiness of our chit-chat filled with your invigorating beam.

Unable to sneak a glance of my Love on the D-day in spite of being present in the same venue, sitting almost 200m apart it was cruel. But as it is said ‘The fruit patience bears is sweet’. And so holding on with the rush of emotions in my heart, I continued with the rituals and traditions. And then came the moment to reckon. The sight of You, looking resplendent as always with a sort of cheeky smile adorning your lips that made me fall head over heels in love with the most beautiful lady I had ever seen. That enigmatic moment can never by captured by any artificial lenses but it has been captured by my eyes and stored in the safe custody of my heart eternally.

Although you were adorned with jewellery but I was and still left amazed as it didn’t gleam even for a second as it ought to in front of your electric smile. And at that moment itself I had promised myself to do whatever it takes to keep that smile on your face.

That awkward moment is still to be cherished when I had my eyes fixated on you as I stopped midway with garland held in my hand and your head slightly bowed forward which was coherently followed with lots of oohs and aahs.

As we advanced with the proceedings, the slight brush of our fingers gave an extreme pleasure as it was the start of our journey – a journey heaving with promises and selfless Love for each other.

And then came the final moment when we posed for the camera, obeying and following the instructions that came from the principal photographer. But what followed in the end was something that none present over there would have imagined. A kiss on the lips as we melted in each other’s warmth unknown to the surroundings.

A photograph can capture the souls but it cannot capture the feelings and emotions that the souls go through’. And that precisely is the sole reason of writing a letter to you which will be held closer to our chests leaving with us the moments to re-live and cherish ceaselessly.
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The Pineapple of your eye

This post has been written for Write Tribe Letters Unsent prompt 4 where we were supposed to write a letter to our love either current or ex and this is my attempt to write a letter to current spouse.