It is said that ‘Presentation makes a first and a lasting impact.’ And if you receive a book in such a beautifully covered manner wrapped with a ribbon along with a personal note, it surely does have an impact. For once I must admit, I was pleasurably surprised by the packaging. And this, did generate a more sense of enthusiasm in me to read the book as I cut through the covering slowly, making sure that the damage to the cover is bare minimum, thus preserving the entire packaging for some nostalgic moments to be cherished with some bites of cookies and English. 

Synopsis – Is the English language your biggest nightmare? It was Manish Gupta’s, the author. Until he decided to cheat and beat the system. Today he is a smooth-talking banker and has come out with a unique English learning guide that is easy to read, super effective and hilarious. So whether you’re a vernacular speaker, a GRE/GMAT/CAT/XAT aspirant or just a language nut, English Bites! will expand your vocabulary and improve your verbal ability. And there are chances that you might fall head over heels in love with this language.

Author – Manish Gupta
Published by – Penguin India
ISBN – 978-0-143-41900-6
Genre – Non-Fiction
No.of pages – 334
Price – INR 250
Review – Are you paranoid about English, then grab the book is what I would say. And precisely what I did when the author asked for a review of the book. Having studied in vernacular language, I can understand what one goes through when it comes to reading and conversing in English. And I still fear them. But the book has given me a way to learn and master this nightmare of a language with easy ways to expand my word bank coupled with fun learning tools like jokes and anecdotes.

The book is a result of the author’s tryst and his journey with the language. From his school days right till he became a banker, the book shows how he mastered the language and can confidently use the language. The book is full of examples and anecdotes from the author’s personal experience which massively helps in understanding what a word actually means. The book starts of with a guide and turns out to be a mini dictionary with numerous new words which can be used in daily life. Also apart from the new words, the book also reveals some interesting trivia about the language. This all in all provides a new dimension at the way at which English as a language can be studied and learnt.

The USP of the book is the footnotes explaining the meaning of the words used. A perfect and a smart way to explain a language without allowing the readers to use the dictionary for reference.

What amazes me is that someone who was not so well versed with the language has eventually mastered the language to such an extent that he has penned an entire book on the same and shows the amount of love he has developed for the language. This also proves that what the author has written will indeed work provided it is read chapter wise, slowly and not at one go. 

Overall – English Bites! is one such book which you will definitely like to visit again and again if not for mastering the language then purely for the rich treasure of the words you will learn. A must read for all the English language haters and lovers too. Probably as I said you might fall head over heels in awe with this language.

Rating – Highly recommended. 5/5.