Enduring with the challenges of life
Dancing to the melodies of a fife
 Educating him only to see him fly
My eyes bid a teary goodbye
Expecting him to return was my strong belief
To be my ‘Shravan’ in older days was my heart’s motif
Had I learned to obey my sixth sense’s magic
I‘d have been lucky not holding the walking stick
A teary smile she gave when we first met
Tied a beautiful bond by kismet
That played ugly when needed the most
And with that teary smile she surrendered to the foremost
What was once hale and hearty
Was left as fragile as a dream and ashy
When you blatantly refused to fly down
To be next to your ailing mom, we were letdown
With weakening vision and growing gray
I trundle to survive, to complete life’s essay
Her smile still brushes my canvass with a ray of hope
Which fades when your memory gropes
Was there a clanger in your upbringing?
I don’t know…
For a father’s heart can forgive everything
But how can it forgive the disrespect shown to the mother’s womb?
No amount of devastation can break a man’s heart
That is already torn apart
By his own blood
Blinded and acrid
As I lay with a creased forehead
Waiting for the old age home to roadbed
My life’s essay
Dancing to the tunes of His merciful screenplay 

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