Nervous? He asked.

Amid butterflies in my stomach I reached the venue along with him. A pull of my cheek and the warmth of his hands holding mine were enough to set aside all the nerves that I had. Yes, it was my first Blogger’s meet ever; to be precise an Open BAR (Blogger Author Rendezvous) arranged by The Indiblogeshwaris, The Cool and The Dashing Vinita Bahl and The Bankster himself, Mr. Ravi Subramanian.

We took the first step in, in what felt like a nice, cool coffee shop called as Chocolateria San Churro. Upon reaching upstairs, he introduced to his fellow blogger friends and mingled with them upon introductions as my eyes kept capturing the beauty of the place. A perfect and a nice venue for a lazy Saturday afternoon. 

And in entered a gentleman wearing a tee and jeans rather than those flashy suits, jackets and what not.  As simple as one can get. And this also reflected in him when The Bankster, Mr. Ravi Subramanian started taking questions one after another with ease and calm. Very honest and straight forward answers greeted all the questions that were asked. ‘Direct Dil Se’, if I may say so.

Mr. Ravi Subramanian – Author

With few sips of delicious coffee and a plate of chips we kept on bombarding with questions ranging from his books and ideas to publishing to some incidents to his previous workplace to office politics and women to selling and marketing to movies and what not. The discussion continued till our stomachs sent a signal to our brains and that was lunch.

But the questions still kept popping out of mouth amid mouthfuls and he, like a school going kid answering his mom about his day in school, kept on replying without any fuss.

Ah! not to forget the tiramisu cake and chocolate mousse cake. The yummiest thing I have eaten after my own cooking. (No, that’s a fact. All of you can drop in and check :p) Take a bow San Churro for that!

And finally came the time to bid goodbye. Not before some mandatory clicks with the author and the fellow bloggers. 

The Author and Wannabe Authors
And he even won a small surprise activity where one has to guess the weight of the sealed box. I must admit I was pretty displeased when the entire credit went to him, when he being regular at carrying plenty of grocery bags and shopping bags. (Rohan, I know you won’t mind to me making it public. Also have a surprise for you today. So please don’t even think of doing the same to me.) ๐Ÿ˜› But a sincere thanks to Vinita for that deliciously, awesome, mouth-watering cake!!

And the darling also had an icing on the cake when she offered all of us a small potlis of gold and silver coin aka coin chocolates. 

Coin Chocolates
All in all a wonderful event filled with lots of information for all of us (Wannabe writers) with sweetest memories and an enriching experience one can take home. Thanks Vinita for consistently stalking the author, without whom the event would not have taken place and Mr. Ravi Subramanian for being the perfect host. A small thanks to my hubby, Rohan for lapping up on this opportunity. Also a round of applause for the team Indiblogeshwaris! Hip Hip Hurray!! You guys rock. Looking forward to many more such meets… ๐Ÿ™‚

The cute lil couple, We ๐Ÿ™‚

Photos Courtesy: Vinita Bahl, Indiblogeshwaris