Tossing the coin of my dreams, my intellect trundled only to realize that it will be wild to help myself in such a fashion. Looking upon the calendar, noticing the date and arming myself with a spotless and tidy postcard, I decided to inscribe.

Few years later

β€œDear Samar,

Eloping with you was my naivety. Marrying you was my Love for you. With you, life was nothing less than a sugar coated pill till you betrayed. Earth shook beneath my feet. All the sugar had vanished from my life. Life had festered. Until I decided to voice my feelings. I feel much better now. I am able to breathe, to live again. It is believed that all the good things happen after some struggle and fight. So thank you for allowing me to struggle and fight my intellect now that you have gone.

Love .

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he continued to feel the pain reading it for the umpteenth time. Leaving it aside for the first time, he laid his hands on the book titled β€˜Responsibility Towards.’

He went straight to the acknowledgement page to find it and there it was etched in bold letters.

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My sincere thanks to Samar….

His already moist eyes gave away upon reading it as he struggled for his last breath.

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