A special world for you and me
Where love abounds
Enroute life’s scenery
Where Himalaya mounds
Your touch sending chills down my spine
Your gaze leaving me panting
Your smile causing troubles on my shoreline
You’re ‘I Love You’ having me blushing
Beholding your beautylicious soul
Igniting a fire of passion
Inviting for a sensuous troll
The Aphrodite’s beckon
The ecstasy that knows no measure
The climax with senses reeling
The desire to love your lover
With joyous heart beaming
Numerous quests seemed futile and banal, emotions and desires desperate to hookup

Eyes searching for thee, Angel, as eager soul waiting to worship.

The idea for this post is derived from the topics shared as a part of Indian Bloggers League organized by Writeup Cafe