This post has been written for The Indian Bloggers League, 2013 conducted by The Writeup Cafe

It’s time for a change
Time for some chalk and cheese
Says my inner voice
And I wonder why
A source of distraction during the day
A source of inspiration in dreams
The time is here upon me
But I keep dragging my feet
Only the foolish few dares…
Is it foolishness to dare?
Or is it just some bait?
I don’t know…
Poignant and scared I lay
With fears and apprehension on one side
With hope for the ascent on other
My intellect unable to comprehend
With the crack of dawn
Amid butterflies in my stomach
I decide to prod 
To drift towards a new location
What lies ahead?
And what shall pass…
All I know is to tread cautiously
The path less traveled
Beckon dreams and aspiration
That burning desire
To wither the storm
Sets me going
Rafting, I pursue the uncharted territory
Heart feels heavy with the sight
New lanes and new faces
Suddenly seems inviting
Or perhaps it’s just an illusion…
I don’t know…
‘Take life as it comes, play along with it’
The motto that ought to follow
Finding it, is a herculean task
Cannot be bought by money
For I’m sure but only by time
I settle, enjoying the tide
In pursuit of happiness