As the clock struck twelve
Bout of craving for her favorite ice-cream
Shrugging and eventually ready to shelve
Slurping like nothing is supreme
Sparkling eyes like a room lit of candles
Creamy lips that kills you within
A killer smile with those dimples
Flirtatious hair celebrating the love-in
Lying besides on the bonnet of the car
Leg fingers indulging in some love
‘They’ took what is called the polestar
Thanking the ice-cream for bringing dove
He vowed never to let work become a hindrance
Realizing that Love matters the most as ‘You Only Live Once’

This post is in response to #WriteTribe prompt 3 – Motivation and Support for Writers and Bloggers.
Write Tribe Prompt

Cheers. Keep Smiling. Spread Love. Embrace Life.