A photograph is a gateway to all those sweet, naughty and wonderful memories that you have had during your lifespan. It is a source, a medium to re-live all those moments and cherish it like never before.
So, here I am, with one of my cherished pics!!
Who Am I

This photo of me was taken when I was 8-9 years old in a studio. It was a fancy dress competition organised by my school. Mom always said that she wanted to see me dressed as a girl once. So with a wide grin on her face, she utilized this opportunity to dress me as a ‘half lady and half man.’
So on that morning, I did infinite merry-go-rounds to let mom eventually come out with this master piece after almost an hour. And believe me, not even for once did I see myself in the mirror as I was exhausted to even move an inch.
Pardon me for this terrible scared expression on my face as I was made to dress like this against my wishes. I feared that my classmates would tease me. But on winning the first prize all fears turned into smiles as I ran and hugged my Mom who was jumping and smiling in joy. 
Pictures do make you emotional and so does this one as I had received my first prize ever and secondly I had never seen my Mom so happy before. Was it the prize or was it me dressed like above, I frankly don’t know. But whatever it is still we both sit together with this photo and have our “Who Am I” time to re-live those special moments.

I would like to know form these three bloggers about their most cherished photo as they would definitely have some beautiful memories to share about their photo.
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