Teeth and gum are the perfect ‘Frenemies’. One day they will be the best of friends, happy to go around wherever you go with ease and one day you will figure out there is a fight between them and wherever you go it will keep troubling you. Same is the case between husband and wife – A perfect frenemy bound by emotions and love. But that’s a different matter altogether. If you think so, then my friend you are wrong. Teeth and gum are just like husband and wife – Take appropriate care and you will have the honeymoon on and on for years.
But then you won’t understand when told in simple terms. We always learn the hard way – human nature, you see. 

So here goes the story……

Tomorrow will be the day he would finally come to know about his promotion and his future.  He was full of confidence and it showed as he was sitting and talking with his girlfriend. “Sweetheart tomorrow is the day for us. I am almost certain about my promotion, a fat hike in salary and then off to meet your dad with the promotion letter”, he said to her with all the exuberance of finally fancying a chance to get hitched to her after four years.
As he was speaking, she made the action of covering her mouth with handkerchief but that went unnoticed.
There was paucity of words for a minute or two after he finished and with dejection all over his face he asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you not saying anything?
Silence was all that she said and left abruptly.
In shock and surprise, he thought of following her to understand the reason behind her leaving. But before he could ask her, all he saw was a tiny, fading image of the auto rickshaw which she had boarded. He stood there for few minutes unable to understand and digest such kind of rude behaviour from her.
Number of calls and sms went unanswered.
Completely flabbergasted and with a ‘she loves me or loves me not’ thought playing on his mind he returned home. He recollected all those sweet memories that they had but there was not a single instance he can remember where she had reacted similarly. He meticulously played today’s happening on the back of his mind and tried to figure out where he went wrong. But of no avail.
Again he tried to call and sms but no reply is what he got.
Restless, tensed and with a doubt over their relationship his eyes found way to what is called sleep.
Next morning he again called her but went unanswered. ‘Dammit’, he said with angriness all over his voice and slammed his phone on the bed.
Without wondering much he got ready for the office although gloomy but with a tinge of smile on his face. He was having his slice of bread when some irritation occurred inside his mouth. He looked in the mirror and saw some blood oozing out. He immediately gargled and continued till the blood stopped oozing out. Avoiding eating anything further he left for the office.
Within minutes of his leaving a guy came and stood in front of his house waiting for someone to open the door and collect the parcel. He waited for few minutes and when there was no response, he left the parcel at his next door neighbour and left.
His cell phone rang and upon seeing her name he heaved a sigh of relief.
“Thank God you called”, he answered.
“Did you open the parcel?” She asked.
“What parcel? I did not receive any parcel.” He replied with a confused look on his face.

“What?!”, she screamed and continued.
“Anyways, I always wanted to tell you something but couldn’t muster courage to tell. But yesterday was enough I thought and since you are having your appraisal, I thought this is the correct time to tell.”
His heart started beating faster hoping that she doesn’t utter that dreaded two letter word and that too without knowing any particular reason of him doing something so bad to piss her off to say a big NO to their marriage plans.

Silence again gained the upper hand for few seconds and before he could say she blurted. “Your mouth stinks!”
He couldn’t figure out what was she saying and why so kept mum.
She continued, “I wanted you to be at your best on this day and bad breath can easily turn one off including me and he is only your boss not lover. So thought of gifting you an assortment of all the Colgate products.”
He was stunned on hearing her. For a moment it was hard to believe. He didn’t know how to react. To be happy or not. Happy for not saying ‘NO’ or sad at being said the above words. But soon he realised that she must be true as he did saw blood today morning.
Thank you came out of his mouth with much awkwardness and embarrassment.
The only thing that still puzzled him was why the hell she did not tell him yesterday itself but kept it to himself as he did not gather courage to ask her.
He immediately rushed to meet a dentist thinking that it is better to leave the parcel at the neighbour’s place and taking a half day leave from work promising to be back by lunch time.
While on his way to the dentist he thought rather muttered and glorified in his mind “The moral of the story is:
  • Never ignore any warning signs especially when it comes to dental hygiene. 
  • Silence is not golden when you want to express your love and also when you feel something is necessary and important to share.
  • Prolonged silence can cause last minute trouble just as having my ass running against time.”
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