You and me
At a romantic date
Display of affection
Growing intimacy
Clouds of Love
Waiting to burst
Full fledged romance
Never experienced before
His thoughts get interrupted by the beep of his phone.
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Reema: Again lost in your own poetic world! Right?
Harsh: Sorry Reema (before he could say further)
Reema: What sorry? Do you even realise that you are having a beautiful wife waiting for you at home? Have you seen the clock? It’s 9 pm and you are still in the office?
Harsh: (Saying to himself) Beautiful wife!? Blowing one’s own trumpet huh?
Reema: (Before he could reply) And moreover have you written a poem even once for me? You can easily write for others but not for me. Not for your wife! (Angry emoticon)
Harsh: Baby, how many times did I tell you that Poems are written to make someone feel special and you are already special to me?
Reema: So in that case no need to shower love also as we have been married years ago. Right? (In an agitated tone)
Harsh: You want me to come home early right? So please let me finish my work and will be back home soon. Bye.
The conversation ended there.
“How inhuman Harsh has become”, Reema said to herself. “Why God why”!!, she exclaimed with a sad face. (Reema considers herself as an expression queen and hence can exclaim with a sad face)
A ping on her mobile brought her out of her reverie.
God: Hello Reema! You called for me?
Reema: (Thinking what to reply)
God: Tell Reema tell. Don’t be afraid or feel shy.
Reema: What has happened to Harsh? Why is he behaving in an inhuman manner? (Sad emoticon)
God: (Smiley) How can I answer that? He is living with you. You should be knowing the answer better than me.
Reema: You created him. Not me. So tell me. (Getting bossy)
God: I created you too and as far as I remember you were not at all bossy. (winking)
Reema: Situations change as per the time.
God: You got your answer it seems. (Smiley)
Reema adding Harsh into the chat
Reema to Harsh: Sorry to say this but God told me that you have changed a lot.
God to himself: When did I tell? You yourself told. Oh! I forgot. You humans can make anything and everything into a “God said word”.
Harsh to Reema: Tell your God that he promised me a simple, nice girl as my wife. And see what have I got! (Winking emoticon)
Reema: How dare you say like this to me? (Shocked, angry, devil emoticons)
God: And Harsh, you promised me to visit every day and spend some time with me. That does not happen and so… (Winking emoticon)
Harsh to God: Right (Straight Face emoticon)
Salman: Hey, I heard someone saying (Be)in(g) Human?
Reema: Salmaaannnnnnnn! You were looking so hot the other day in that looks on Big Boss!! (Wide smile, Thumbs up emoticons)
Salman: Thank You! Thank You! Reema ji (Wide smile emoticon)
Reema: You are welcome, My HERO. (Winking, Angel emoticons)
Harsh: HERO? (Sad, Teary eyed emoticons)
Salman: (Laughing emoticon)
God: Beta Salman, How did your surgery go? That black buck is dying to see you again!! (Smiley emoticon)
Salman: S s s s s s s sir sir app aisa mat bolo yaar. Dekho maine aapko commitment kiya tha ki ek galti karunga toh 10 acche kaam bhi karunga. (Straight face emoticon)
God: That does not absolve you from
Salman: (Interrupting God) Sir ji you know na that I have sent 2500 water tankers to drought hit area. Beacuse that is how I am. Ek baar maine commitment kar diya toh fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta.
God: Jo mein bolta hoon, woh mein karta hoon
Akshay: (God interrupted again) Aur jo mein nahi bolta woh mein definitely karta hoon.(Wide smile emoticon)
Reema: (Surprised Emoticon)
Sensing she might now be caught in between some dialogues that can create unnecessary controversy, she needed to come out with an excuse to log off from the chat.
And surprisingly the door bell rang. She ran to open the door thus leaving the conversation in between.
In front of her stood Harsh along with the HERO with arms over each other.
“Darling, How can I forget your birthday?, he said with a big smile on his face. Sorry that I didn’t pick your calls as I was busy arranging a surprise for you.
Reema stood there in complete disbelief but with a big big smile on her face! She hugged Harsh as he gave her a bouquet of red roses (her favourite) and squeezed him in her arms.
You and me
At a romantic date
Display of affection
Growing intimacy
Clouds of Love
Waiting to burst
A full fledged romance
Never experienced before
He sang this little poem for her for the first time ever and grabbed her closer to him, sealing it with a tight kiss on her lips.
On seeing Salman looking at them with all the enthusiasm, she blushed a little and thanked Harsh for making it so very special.
Salman wished Reema and gifted a painting from his treasure and left, leaving the two onto a romantic date where clouds of love were waiting to burst for a feeling called Love, Eternal Love.

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