He prayed to Lord as usual before letting darkness settle in for a bright morning. “No! This can’t happen”, she screamed. With slight panic on her face she started compressing his chest and blowing air into his mouth. After in numerous repetition of the act he coughed. She asked the Lord to give her strength.

After 48 hours he opened his eyes to find her besides him, watching him open his eyes. Her face looked fragile after sleepless hours but his open eyes returned all the charm that her face had become home to. “How are you feeling now?”, she asked. “Better but very hungry”, he replied with a smile.
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A hot cup of tea, early morning breeze and the chirping of birds made a perfect morning the next day. Seated next to each other, gazing the sky he asked, “How?” To which she replied, “Emergencies come anytime but it is the presence of mind, that moment of brilliance that makes the difference and winked.”

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