During your entire journey as a human and most importantly as a woman, you may come across many life changing incidents, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. And then there are those incidents which you always remember not for the incident but the way in which a soldier stood up and fought for you. One such incident also happened with me.
I did my schooling and graduation from a small village, few kilometres ahead of Nasik. Almost the entire village knew each other in person due to less population and frequent celebrations of one festival or the other. Festivals whose name might never be heard of were celebrated during those days. It was a one big family celebration.
Most of the daughters are fondly called as ‘Papa’s daughter.’ But I was not called as such instead I was called ‘Uncle’s daughter.’ Yes, I was and am and will always be very close to my uncle rather than my father. Since it was my uncle and aunt that I used to go out and always be with them rather than my parents, most people thought that I am their daughter. And we wilfully let people believe the same.
It was the time for Navratri celebrations. I, along with my gang of girls were getting ready for the aarti time of Goddess Durga – The Mother of the Universe. Almost entire village was there to grace the occasion.
There was one guy who always used to stalk wherever I go. Be it the school or around my home. He will keep following me if I am out or make rounds of my home on his bike. He will look for any reason to strike a conversation with me which I never entertained. I knew about it but didn’t tell anyone except my gang of girls. I bore all of this till that day.   
On that day, the first day of navratri celebrations, I saw him when we were getting ready for the aarti time. I was surrounded with my gang of girls fortunately and he didn’t dare to come close. Form what my friends told, he was constantly staring at me and wise fully I avoided his glance, behaving as if he is not there. Everything was fine till the aarti. But on completion of it he didn’t waste a single minute. The very next moment on finding me slightly away from my gang, he landed up straight in front of me and asked me out. That was the time I said to myself, “enough is enough” and immediately thought of telling everything to my uncle.
As soon as I narrated him the entire story, he left, telling me not to worry and promised me that from now onwards no one will trouble me. That night I cried like never before laying on my aunt’s lap.
My uncle immediately went to his place and narrated the entire thing in front of his parents. They felt ashamed of their son and his deeds and asked for forgiveness. They immediately called and asked him to apologise which he did. Before leaving my uncle also gave a stern warning that if such acts were repeated than it could become difficult for them to live in the village. As any bad, negative remark for the family can lead to the entire village snapping ties with the family.
The very next morning we had almost 7-8 people in our house with folded hands asking for forgiveness. Except for my uncle and aunt everyone had a confused look on their faces. It was only when my uncle told them, they realised what had happened and understood their presence at our home.
I was happy that there were no eyes stalking me ever after but even a thought of this incident makes me shiver. Such was the impact it had on me that left many scars on my tender heart then. But now I remember this incident not for what had happened but for the way in which my Uncle stood up for me, knowing he will be always there for me forever. Lucky and blessed to have a soldier like him in the family.

God Bless and long live my dear Uncle!!!
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