Amit (over the phone) : Hey Alka listen! I have to go Bangkok tomorrow for a conference. Important people and delegates are going to be there and boss have asked only me to go.
Alka: Okay. That’s great! So for how many days will I have to miss those snores of yours?
Amit: Baby, I don’t snore! (in the sweetest of the tone) For a week honey. (in the saddest of the tone)
Alka: Ok. Fine sweetheart, I will manage without it. (in an affirmative tone)
Amit: You won’t budge, right?
Alka: You bet, baby!!
Amit: So my sweet baby, will you please pack my bag with some casuals and formals and other necessary things? Rest, will talk in detail tonight.
Alka: As you say baby! Despidada!
Amit: What?
Alka: Goodbye, I said.
Amit: Uff…!! You and your Spanish! (with slight irritation as well as a smile on face) Goodbye!
When Amit reaches home
As she opens the door upon the ringing the doorbell, four people stood in front of her. They were her parents and in-laws standing in front of her. She was totally surprised to see them without any notice. Usually they plan and come to Mumbai from Delhi but not this time. She welcomed them inside with a big big smile on her face.
Amit: You cannot have a bigger smile than this, Alka!!
Alka: Whoa! Amit!! You too!! So it was all your plan?!
Amit: Anything for a smile as big as this on your face!!
Amit: (before she could say anything) Here are our tickets to Bangkok and we are leaving tomorrow early morning 5 am!! And they have come to help us in packing and moreover they wanted to enjoy the Mumbai rains. So I planned everything just yesterday and here we are…
Alka: (Running towards Amit and hugging him tight) You just don’t miss any chance to surprise me baby, don’t you?!
Amit: You bet sweetheart!

It was a Friday morning when his eyes opened to switch off the morning alarm and to find the most beautiful face enjoying the sleep with few strands of silk caressing the cheeks. “This is what beauty is”, he thought to himself as he got closer to kiss her on forehead. He lay closer to her for few minutes and suddenly jumped off the bed disturbing her sleep.
“Honey, have to rush to the office. Important meeting is scheduled later for the day and have to make presentation for the same. So why don’t you take a bath while I prepare the breakfast for us”? She simply nodded with her eyes still reluctant to open else could have caught a wide grin on his face. Luckily for him she didn’t. He rushed towards the kitchen singing one of his favourite songs as the sound of utensils clinking could be heard.
Few minutes later she somehow managed herself to the bathroom, eyes still willing to enjoy the morning bliss called sleep. Before she could return from the bathroom he placed a pair of blue denim and a collared t-shirt for her to wear on the bed.
After sometime she returned with a nice warm bath only to find a note placed besides the clothes on the bed. It read:
“Baby, would love to see you today in denim and a tee. Have kept it for you. And yeah, I’m waiting for you in the car. See you downstairs in fifteen minutes. Love.”
Took completely by surprise she immediately dressed as per his wishes, applied some lip balm, kajal and sun screen, left her tresses open falling on the right shoulder as his liking.
Within fifteen minutes she was ready, ready to greet him with all smiles.
As she arrived, he smiled, winked at her and said, “Baby, we are going for a long drive today, only you and me. No one else.”
She smiled and rejoiced as he makes her sit comfortably besides the driving seat.
Just before he could start the engine, she asked him, “You had an important meeting today. What happened suddenly? To which he gave her a big wide smile enough to highlight his dimples and said, “Yes, that important meeting is YOU and to make it special the presentation starts with a breakfast on the beach.” She immediately hugged him tight with a light peck on his cheeks and sealed it with a kiss on his lips.”
You don’t need and you don’t have any better reason than Love, the Love for you near and dear ones, to be with them. It is the only thing which keeps us together in happy as well as sad times. Thus shower some love, surprises and show that you are there and care for them.
Take a day off from your work if not more and give the best surprise and the best day of their life. I’m sure it will be worth it!

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Cheers!! Keep Smiling!! Embrace Life!!