Written by: Rochak Bhatnagar
Published by: General Press
Genre: Fiction/Romance
ISBN: 9789380914350
No. of Pages: 183
Price: 125 INR
Synopsis: On one side is a friend in need, while on the other the ‘love of his love’. On one side is his past, while on the other his present, his ‘future’. On one side is a dying girl, while on the other his happiness, his life, his girlfriend, his soul-mate’. On one side is humanity, while on the other that feeling, ‘Love’. A tough decision, tough indeed to choose between the two of them. Time is running out.. whom will he choose?
Review: This book consists of various chapters divided into three parts. There are three main protagonist in the story namely Rishi, Ananya and Pragya. The first two parts are about Love and how does it feel being in Love, with the ‘Love of your life’. The story revolves around Rishi and Ananya who are deeply and madly in love with each other. They are an ordinary couple just like others with an equal share of love, fights and then patching up again to be there and love each other for eternity. 
Unable to devote ample time to her love due to some project activity, Ananya decides to give a surprise visit to his place only to find him with Pragya. Thus leading to the break up of the most lovely couple. The third part is about how Rishi is torn between Ananya, his love and Pragya who is fighting AIDS and how he eventually loses both of them.
Writing: The writing is crisp and clean without any grammatical errors. It brings out almost all the desired emotions perfectly. The amount of love Rishi has for Ananya and vice versa has been brought out very well. The pain and sufferings Pragya has to go through her in life is just heart wrenching. But most importantly when Rishi lets his heart out to a prostitute about what lead to the separation is simply superb. Crisp, straight and up to the point. Also, this book seems to be a continuation of the author’s previous book ‘Love Happens only Once’ but it never comes to light, such is the author’s story telling and story line.
Overall: Am glad that I picked up this book to read. It’s a definitely must read for all those who are in love and likes romance as a genre. The story is not at all bold and thus can be read by all and one. It has the powers to move a human being, understand what love truly is and will leave you with your eyes filled. Yes, that is the power of the author’s story and writing. It has all the making of a Yash Raj movie. So do read and indulge yourself in some fun, smiles, romance, pain, sufferings and overall Love.
Ratings: 4/5*
Cheers. Be happy. Spread smiles. Embrace Life.