Written by: Shailendra Singh
Published by: RUPA Publications
Genre: Non Fiction, Self Help
ISBN: 978-81-291-2388-6
No. of Pages: 234
Price: 195 INR
Synopsis: Don’t know where are you headed? Don’t know what you want in life? Are you completely lost? Don’t know when was the last time you smiled and/or had a good time? Are you completely screwed up in life? If yes, then say the following words loudly at least ten times and if no, still say it (bolne mein kya jata hain?)
Yes, all the answers to the above questions and their siblings can be found out in this amazing book called ‘[email protected] Knows’.  Just by saying those words loudly can help you to get relieved from all the troubles, tensions, pressures life throws at you and thus can read the book with a calm, composed mind to get the answers to the questions.
Review: This book spreads across 73 small chapters with apt title and corresponding insight into the answers of the questions life asks us. Through this book, the author tries to tell or convey to us that it is only US who know the answers to our various questions. No one else can help you in finding the right answers. And you sort of get the right answers most of the time by following your heart and not what your dad says or did. And for a much better understanding the author has advised to read the book on the basis of chapters and not on the whole.
The author starts with narrating his life and gives his own example or experience or situations he faced and thus the quest for finding the answers. Thus having an instant connect with the readers. There is also a phrase/ idiom just below the title of the chapter making it much simpler to understand. Below are the few of those which strikes the right cord and makes an instant connect: 
  1. You don’t have as long as you think
  2. Learn to trust yourself, you will sleep better at night
  3. Use your mind, don’t let it use you
  4. Everytime you say ‘yes’ to something useless, you say ‘no’ to something that is bloody important
  5. Problems are nothing but solutions in a mask of fear and anxiety
Then there are few chapters which will really make you think twice, infact thrice to assess your life, where are you heading and make the necesary changes to lead the life desired by you.
Chapters like ‘Math of life’ where the author has taken the help of ‘death’ to make readers understand the topic and ‘Conservation with God’ are the highly recommended chapters to be read.
The writing is simple and clean without any gramatical errors. Ofcourse the usage of F- Word. But that is how the modern, 21st century people connect with others. ([email protected] Knows why anyone would have a problem with it.)
Overall: The book is for the urban, young India, direct to the face, witty and no nonsense. It gets straight to the point, explained with proper examples for better undersatnding from goal setting, to-do lists, love, health, wealth, listening to the heart and body, sex, knowing & undersatnding yourself, speaking, shutting up, understand the mind-brain-heart functions, career, aspirations, thinking, doing, values, morals, happiness, sadness, smiles and so on.
I recommend this book for all, for all the knowledge to be gathered on how to live life. And yes, as the author puts, it’s time for us to do some ‘khud khushi’.
Rating: 3.5/5*
Cheers. Be Happy. Spread Smiles. Embrace Life.

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