Feelings that were once hidden
Started to erupt
Days that were lonely
Started to look lovely
It all happened on that evening
Watching the sunset, sitting on the bonnet
Sipping through a cup of coffee
Enjoying the beauty of nature
Scenic topography, she exclaimed
Eye soothing effect, I said
As our arms flicked eachothers
And the meeting of the eyes took place
Closer and closer to eachother
Toes playing footsie
Coffee took a backseat
As heart started pounding
Two strands of hair falling on her cheek
Flicking it behind her ears
I grabbed her by her waist
To get a closer look of my beauty
Liquid pleasure driving madness
Leading to a deep passionate kiss
Tasting coffee
Making it the moment of our life
Unsatisfied, we kissed more
Fingers started sliding across the skin
Touching every crevasse
Discovering the beautiful
Satisfied, we laid there on the bonnet
After loosening our emotions
Which were once held together
As we met for the first time after two years
Rohan Kachalia
Happy Valentines Day!!