This post was first published as a Guest Post for Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma. She blogs at Words’ Worth by Samarpita and you can check the post here.

A frame of silence, aroma of roses and candles awaited her
As he waited for the most beautiful lady to arrive for a romantic dinner

 It was nothing short of a fantasy
As she looked like an angel draped in a saree
Enhancing the beauty of the room drastically

Seated opposite to each other were they
Where eyes feeling shy to meet
And love waiting to blossom

Soon the feelings to be shared were set free
Brightening up the milieu
As dinner took the backseat

First were the gentle smiles and sighs
Followed with the touch of romance
Continued with the kiss of love

As thoughts of love started to flow
Increasing the desires and cravings for each other
Decreasing the distance between them

Eyes became friendly and started to talk
Soft touch replaced the smiles
As they danced to the tunes of love

They pressed their bodies against each other
Heart pumped in joy as tears of love flowed
Seeking peace in their loving arms

Capturing the soul of love, waiting to be tested in tough times
Promising to stand and support in all seasons
As they continue with their romantic dinner


Rohan Kachalia