I woke up, went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror. I stared at my mirror image for few minutes, turned left, smiled at my curvaceous body, turned right, smiled again and continued to smile admiring my body until I notice something on my neck. I went as close as possible towards the mirror for getting a clear look of what was on my neck. That part of the skin was red with three big marks over it. I blushed when it hit me that it was my first love-mark given by him. I went blank for few minutes as incidents of the last night came across my eyes.
After finishing all my daily chores I thought of having a nice warm bath and mischievously asked him to join. He immediately responded with a big yes as if waiting for me to ask him to join. He moved in after turning on the music, setting the volume on a higher number thus allowing our ears to hear the soft romantic music from the bathroom.
The very next moment we both were standing under the shower, naked, seeing eyes to eyes with water making ways through my curvaceous back and wetting his facial muscles as a token of appreciation. Slowly his fingertips started exploring me, tracing the shapes of my body, arousing me completely.
I pushed him towards the wall and started kissing him all over his body, his powerful chest, strong arms, to his well-toned abs and his hips. Even with the shower on, music loud enough to hear, still I could hear his voice of moaning with pleasure, asking for more. It was his turn to shower love as he hold me by my waist, his chest pressing hard against my nipples, his one hand playing with my wet hair and other still exploring my curves.
“I love you baby!” he mumbled in my ears
“I Love…” Before I could complete, he sealed my wet, thick, pink lips with a passionate kiss which seemed to be the longest kiss ever as he lifted my in his arms.
“I Love you too baby!” I whispered completing my line as he laid me on the bed, started tonguing me and bit me hard around my neck as we submitted ourselves to the feeling called Love.        
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Rohan Kachaia