So there he was, sitting naked on our bed, patiently posing for a last hour or so. This was one of the ways we had thought of igniting the romance when stress overshadows it. But this time it was slight different. We also decided to put a message in the painting this time which cannot be said easily face to face.
I just stared at his bare body while he was at ease posing for me. Even his smile could get me aroused and here he was sitting completely naked arousing me every second. But somehow I controlled myself and started concentrating on the job. ‘Seems you love to see me like this’ he said, catching a glimpse of naughtiness in my smile. ‘Always‘, I chuckled as I started to draw the contours of his body.
‘Anytime baby, anytime but I am missing the warmth of your body which I always crave for’ came his quick response. ‘Patience, my Jaan, patience!’ I replied with a naughtiness in my smile as I applied the paint on the canvas. As I was nearing completion of my masterpiece I applied a thick dab of paint on the brush and applied on the canvas this time with a harder stroke clearly indicating a message for him.
I stepped back and felt happy and satisfied seeing the masterpiece which was nothing short of a modern art if it had been painted by a renowned painter, I thought and made a thumbs up sign to him indicating I am done seeing you from far. It’s time to get close and for some action. Next instant, we were deep into each other’s shoulders, I could sense some bones being crushed on either side while we looked into each other’s eyes and let romance do the talking.

And now it was his turn to watch my beauty, adore it and to enhance it while painting. I chose to lay on a sofa with my front facing towards him, hair untied. I was shivering a bit due to nervousness even though posing for him in past too. Many thoughts came across my mind regarding what message he will have for me. But somehow I managed myself to be steady and ready for him to start.
‘How beautiful it is to watch you like this, those curves of you oozing with sensuality even after 20 years of marriage’, he exclaimed. I blushed at him before replying ‘It’s all because of your such lovely eyes which always sees good’. He winked at me before starting to paint those curves which he could see but couldn’t feel it.
Laying there for an hour or so I asked, ‘Are you over with your masterpiece? My back is hurting from staying still in one position for so long!’ ‘Baby, I am almost done. Just give me five more minutes and I will be there besides you for some fun’ he replied. He gave me a thumbs up sign as soon as he finished and immediately I got up from the sofa, stretched my arms and next his hands were on my waist.

It was time to unveil both the masterpieces one by one. I took the lead and asked him to see my painting of his. The powerful chest of his, the muscular arms, the enigmatic face was almost similar to the actual him. Just as he was looking the painting and glancing down towards the tummy my heartbeats were rising rapidly in anticipation of his reaction to my message. And the next moment he read it loudly, “If you can’t have a baby in your tummy then what is it in your tummy?”
He looked at me with a straight face initially and after few seconds of staring at me, he smiled much to my relief and exclaimed, ‘That was really cheeky, baby!’ The very next moment he vouched of hitting the gym regularly and having a control on the diet.
Now was his turn to showcase his painting of mine. It was simply fantastic! I was left speechless with an open mouth waiting for something like this to be digested. The painting brought out even the delicate of the delicate curves with such perfection asking questions of him being a professional painter.
My eyes didn’t fell on the message even though it was written above my naked body and that too in bold as I was simply left admiring the beauty of the masterpiece. He was waiting for me to read the message and sensing that I was deeply admiring myself, he raised his voice a little bit and asked me to read the message. And with some jitters and nervousness I read, “I wish she had opted for her hair removal” and immediately he took my hands and rubbed it on my thighs and knees. I was shocked for a moment, a bit embarrassed but happy at the same time that his eyes are always on me noticing even the minutest details with such ease.

The next moment he had handed me a small gift stating that it will give you a feeling of satin every time you use it and in fact even helped me in cleaning my thighs and knees!


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Rohan Kachalia