During my last PTM (Parents Teacher Meet) I came across few parents who had a similar question regarding their child’s behaviour. They were in complete shock when I told them their ward’s behaviour is extremely good and well-behaved in front of others.

The reasons they were in shock are:

  1. They had least expected any good remarks of their ward’s behaviour and performance in general.
  2. The child’s behaviour is completely opposite when at home.

As a teacher we can easily sense the child’s behaviour by the way they speak, act and react and can judge their upbringing. If it’s steady both at school and at home then we can say that the ward’s upbringing is such. But to have a completely different behaviour at school and at home is shocking, surprising and the urgent need to correct it before it gets worse. There may be many reasons such as:

  1. Homely feeling at school as compared to home with friendly behaviour of teachers encouraging the child to learn, obey and follow what they say.
  2. The atmosphere may not be child friendly at home.
  3. Both the parents may be workaholic.
  4. The child may be left alone at home for most of the hours with the only company of a maid, care taker in the absence of the parents.
  5. Family disputes, marriage going through a rough patch etc.
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